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A Birthday and Crossing the Bar

The poem ‘A Birthday’ was written by Christina Rosseti. She has a variety of other poems touching on romance, devotion and children. Alfred, Lord Tennyson is a well renowned poet. The English writer often regarded as chief of Victorian age in poetry succeeded Wordsworth as poet laureate in 1850. Tennyson is well known in melancholic, moral and intellectual poems. He is the author of ‘Crossing the Bar’.

Similarities between ‘A Birthday’ and ‘Crossing the Bar’ poems

The poem ‘A Birthday’ and ‘Crossing the Bar’ are written in chronological order. The poem ‘A Birthday’ has a phrase that is repeating itself often; the phrase states that ‘Because my love is come to me’ (PoetryArchive Para 1). The poem prepares us for the big birthday ahead. Christina is highly attached to the birthday. The poem ‘Crossing the Bar’ has similar chronological events. Alfred continues to state that ‘I hope to see my pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar’ (Allpoetry Para 4). Both poems talk of future state that is undefined.

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The poems ‘A Birthday’ and ‘Crossing the Bar’ have an emotional attachment. In the poem ‘A Birthday’, Christina expresses her feelings towards the birthday by capitalizing on the singing bird, apple tree, rainbow shell and grapes among other identified items (PoetryArchive Para 2). Alfred in the poem ‘Crossing the Bar’ identifies himself with stars, calm tides of the sea sadness and his pilot (Allpoetry Para 1).

The poems ‘A Birthday’ and ‘Crossing the Bar’ portray patience, understanding and calmness. The poem ‘A Birthday’ shows this through the singing bird, thick set fruit, rainbow shell, halcyon sea, pomegranates among other items (PoetryArchive Para 1). The identity is experienced in the poem ‘Crossing the Bar’ in ‘May there be no moaning of the bar, when I put out to sea.’ (Allpoetry Para 1).

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The two poems have a vision. There is a desired state. The poem by Christina longs for the coming of the birthday. The birthday is even identified with her love emphasizing the importance of it. Alfred is keen on meeting the pilot in the face; they have a mission.

Differences between A Birthday and Crossing the Bar poems

 The poem ‘A Birthday’ focuses on feelings on an expected happening. Birthday is untouchable; this is an emotional attachment. The poem ‘Crossing the Bar’ focuses on then the ship will cross the other side of the sea. The writer is interested in seeing the navigator of the ship face to face. This shows a physical attachment.

The poem ‘A Birthday’ has a sure state; the writer is sure on the result. She continues to state that her heart is like a singing bird, apple tree, rainbow shell, among other identifiers indicating a sure state (PoetryArchive Para 1). The poem ‘Crossing the Bar’ indicates a state of doubt. The writer seems to be praying for a safe cross over the sea. Alfred uses the word ‘may’ on several occasions; example ‘May there be no moaning of the bar’ and ‘may there be no sadness of farewell’ (Allpoetry Para 1).

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The poem ‘A Birthday’ is a love poem. Christina mentions on love in various occasions. She continues to state that ‘my love is come to me’ (PoetryArchive Para 2). The poem ‘Crossing the Bar’ is an explorer poem. The writer seems to be in a sea exploration mission.


Poems are well designed pieces of literature with a message engraved in them. They are written in a way that makes it difficult for a standard reader to interpret the message in them. It is very fulfilling and fascinating when scholars get the thesis in the poem. Writing a poem is a skill. 

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