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Analysis of the Movie Milk

The Plot

Briefly the plot of the film Milk entails the struggle for gay rights fronted by politician Harvey Milk who apparently was the first self confessed gay man to assume a public office in California, as San Francisco Board of Supervisors member. The films start with archival footage of police raiding gay places and their patrons arrested, thereafter a press announcement is made that Milk and Moscone had been assassinated. Then there is a flash back of Milk's birthday with his lover Scott Smith. Essentially the film chronicles Harvey Milk foray into politics and the several battles he was involved in the Castro neighbourhood and across the city and also the political campaigns to hinder the rights of gay movement. The main character is involved in two relationships with his 'lover', who apparently shared the same sexual orientation. But the relationship does not thrive as the 'lovers' complain of Milk's devotion to gay activism thus forsaking their relationship, consequently they had to leave. In order to accomplish his mission, the main character is involved in complex political relationship and this is characterised by tenuous affiliation with Dan White the troubled Supervisor. The two seem to differ most of their doing and therefore the differences grew to become fatal. The film brings its curtain down with double murder of George Moscone the Mayor and Milk.   

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The character Harvey Milk.

The role of Harvey Milk can be described as the chief activist of the American gay movement. Harvey Milk totally commits his life to realisation of freedom and acceptance of gay persons in his region of residence and even across the city. To accomplish this mission he goes through many hurdles but because of his dire determination and focus he is able to attain most of his goals. This level of commitment is climaxed by the eventfully assassination where he lost his life. 

Issues of diverse

The films address several issues of diversity that are present in the conflict of the story. One of those issues is homosexuality. The first scenes of the film show a flash back of the eve of Milk's birthday and his first meeting with his lover, Scott Smith, this is the first incident of Homosexuality relationship. The relationship does not last for long as Smith walks away complaining of Milk devotion to political activism (Milk, 2008). Milk goes ahead to meet Jack Lira who is described as "sweet but unbalanced young man", similarly with Smith Lira could not put with Milk's devotion to political activism and finally leaves and commits suicide. Homosexuality is diversely looked at as at some point, campaigns are set up to oppose them by denying gays and lesbians the opportunity to work in public schools.

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The second diverse issue is the gay teachers or disabled issue, which involved the anti-gay campaign to resist an ordinance of local gay rights. This all saga emanated from Milk's failure to support White idea of blocking Psychiatric Hospital in his district because of the negative effect it could have on youth. Consequently white launches his bid to resist growth of gay community as a counter attack tactic. This gives rise to Proposition 6 who seeks to prohibit gays and lesbians from working in public schools in California.

The most realistic character

After keenly watching the film milk, the main character Harvey Milk seems to be the most realistic character and who I can closely relate with, this is because of his clear mind about his target and goals and above all his passion and zeal for his undertakings. For instance when they encountered opposition from the once Irish-Catholic neighbourhood, he capitalises his business background to push for his gay activism. Also Harvey Milk shows great possession of resilience, this is exhibited by the fact that even after his two 'lovers' Smith and Lira left he still carried on with the fight. In today's world that is full of obstacles and challenge the spirit of resilience is man's treasures possession (Milk, 2008).

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Additionally the main character is really mindful of the youth and as a young person I really admire this. When he is asked by White to help in blocking the opening of psychiatric hospital in his district, probably for exchange of White's support for the citywide gay ordinance, he turns down the offer. As a result the difference between the two widens, with campaigns been set up against each other. The main character is also wise in the way he deals with his oppose. He convinces the Mayor to rebuff white request of been reinstated as supervisor after his resignation. This is a show of how cunning Harvey Milk was as far as his enemies were considered. By keeping those who opposed him was an added advantage to his developments in his quest for gay freedom and also for his political gain.

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Lessons to Student Educator

From the film they are valuable lessons that can be learnt and of great help especially when dealing with student's of different sexual orientation. The greatest lesson is tolerance. It is critical to understand that not all students are the same, we are creating differently. Also every student has the right of expression and these rights ought to be respected. For one to become an effective educator then it is important of him or her to be very knowledge and understanding and to try giving every student attention and opportunity to learn regardless of their sexual orientation. The educator should always maintain the objectivity of learning and not to be distracted by other factors such as student's sexual orientation. At the end of the day we all seek to achieve peaceful coexistence with each other and to create conducive environment for everyone to achieve his or her potential. This should not be hindered by one's sexual orientation.

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Historical and Political issues shaping Harvey Milk world view

From Harvey Milk courageous deeds the world has experienced tangible changes. Initially in most societies it was a taboo to mention or to be associated with any gay person. However, from this unfolding more and more people are becoming free and bold to confess about their sexual orientation. Historically and politically the Gay Rights Movement issues could have shaped Milk world view deeply. Some happening such as the stonewall riots and legalising same-sex marriage remains to be icons reference points. After happening of this events it is like the entire society got a wakeup call that gays and lesbians are part of the society. Ever since significant ground has been covered and as we speak many governments across the globe have given gay person freedom of expression and association. This boils down to historical and political contribution by people who scarified their lives to make difference.       

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Harvey Milk and the opposition

In the movie Milk there are several characters that vividly oppose Harvey Milk. For instance, after failure of Milk to support White to resist opening a psychiatric hospital in his backyard district, major division crop among them and opposition is clearly exhibited. The mobilisation and support of proposition 6, the initiative on the California state election. The main drive of this campaign was seeking prohibition of lesbians and gays, inclusive of those supporting them, from working in public schools in California. The opposition is taken further by the assassination of both Milk and Mayor Moscone after rebuffing his request to be reinstated as a supervisor.

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Does the character Harvey Milk have a positive or negative outcome?

At the end of the movie, the outcome of Harvey Milk is positive. Although this might be argued out differently but my take is that he stood by his conviction and convention of fighting for acceptance and freedom of the gay people in the United States of America. In fact his death is a depiction of a man who stood by his word and who committed his life to drive a certain point home (Milk, 2008). As a result of this history will count him as one who achieved something, he was not a mediocre. As somebody once said, it does not matter how long or hard it takes, but the ultimate thing is the realisation of our desires. Harvey Milk might have died without seeing fruits of what he was doing but people coming after him shall benefit big time and that is how hero live.

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In conclusion I totally think that the main character in the movie Harvey Milk was credible and I identify with him in his struggle for the freedom of gay community in his city. Essentially the character is consistent, firm and achieving his goals. Regardless of the obstacles and opposition on the way, his determination knows no barrier.

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