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Case Analysis

CASE 1: Northwest Bank

The new centre is similar to the old one with the exception that all the data entry operators have been grouped in a single location. Regardless of the volume (increased data input), capturing data remained fairly simple because there was little difference between various types of products. In fact, it is reported that the section reduced from 19 to 13, which is an indication of optimal velocity. In this context, volume refers to scale of data, whereas variety refers to different forms of data. Additionally, velocity refers to the analysis of streaming data. Arguably, the new centre enables the bank to store, manipulate and manage enormous amounts of dissimilar data at higher speed and within the right time frame.

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The process should be redesigned because of the reported inefficiencies and difficulties in capturing and handling data, particularly the physical data sources. The bank should use the second option with some tweaks to ensure that employee morale is maintained. For example, the banks should recognize those who appreciate diversity and encourage teambuilding activities. This option is strategic in the sense that the bank has to meet the ever-growing data sources and traffic within its processing systems.

To make changes, Andy Curtis should incorporate all the possible forms of data input including structured and unstructured data form physical files or documents, emails and scans. This approach would require the entity to leverage its structured and unstructured data. In addition, veracity should be given attention, because poor data quality might cost the bank extra finances. The mortgage processing encompasses data and information from multiple internal and external sources including transactions and enterprise content. Therefore, Curtis should leverage data to adapt the bank’s products and services so as to meet its customer needs and optimize infrastructure and operations.  

CASE 2: Wrong Medication

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It is quite clear that treatment-caused injuries or complication are a result of errors. The possible failure points include: hospital policy and procedure for ordering medication; ability to circumvent pharmacist’s order; lack of control over patient data and failure to question unusual orders. The handwritten list may be illegible. Multiple data sources may conflict.

The medication error was a failure of the system. It indicates deficiencies in most of the errors in the processes occurred at the physician-ordering step. Such medical errors can be intercepted by a pharmacy information systems and pharmacist. Therefore, the hospital should adopt a systematic approach to safety and quality improvement. Analysis of such incidences gives the hospital an opportunity to prevent their recurrence. Optimally designed and implemented interactive physician-ordering system with real-time decision support capability will lead to numerous benefits in terms of cost reduction, improved safety, quality and efficiency.

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From the case, data is managed manually. This increases the risk of human error which has a direct negative effect on diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, a secure and distributed electronic data or records management system should be used to collect, store, retrieve and archive patient’s medical or health records. Such system not only increases the speed and efficiency of retrieving patient data, but also improves safety in terms of diagnosis and prescription of correct medication. Distributed electronic records management systems contain validation algorithms that ensure that the data captured is correct and accurate. Additionally, the captured data is stored in central location enabling real-time and simultaneous access irrespective of the location.

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The medical errors are failures in the design of tasks and processes. Therefore, unless the system is changed in reference to Melanie’s reaction, such errors will recur. Besides difficulties in accessing patient information, other possible barriers to reduction of medical errors include lenience to stylistic practices and complexity of the healthcare system.

It is only by changing the understanding of process optimization, human performance and information management that safe medical care can be delivered.

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