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The type of research design that Sam Fulkerson should select for Janey Dean is explanatory research design. Explanatory research design is the most appropriate for Hamptons' Bank marketing director because; the area of study in this case is to know more about the bank’s image. Dean does not have any information about what factors influence, or rather, determine the image of a bank. Therefore, explanatory research will be appropriate to determine the starting point of the bank’s image study (Jackson, 2011). The best method of identifying a starting point is to use secondary data. One of the advantages of secondary data is that, it will provide Dean with the necessary background information about what determines the image of a bank. Secondary data will also allow Dean to design which research method to use for primary research, based on the information obtained from secondary data. In addition, secondary data about the determinants of image may assist Dean to identify unforeseen problems concerning the bank’s image (Jackson, 2011).

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On the other hand, the most appropriate research design for Wesleyan College would be causal design. According to Lawrence (2010), casual research design is appropriate in assisting the researcher to find a solution(s) to a given problem (s), when the researcher has all the information concerning the problem. Casual research design helps the researcher to solve the ‘if-then’ question of a given situation (Lawrence, 2010). Cayleigh Rogers wants to know if the alums would be willing to send donations to help with start-up costs for the school’s football team, and if, the current students would support a football team. Therefore, in this case, the issue at hand is to find out, ‘if the school establishes a football team, would the alum and current students support it?’ This is a very good ‘if-then’ scenario, which can be solved through casual research design. The best approach that Sam Fulkerson should advice Wesleyan College to use in conducting a casual research design is to set a dummy football team, and ask the alums to pledge their donations for offsetting the set-up costs, and the current students to support the team. In other words, Wesleyan College can undertake an experiment to find out how the dependent variable (a dummy football team), is likely to be affected by the independent variables (donations from alums and support form current students) (Lawrence, 2010). If the alums and current students pledge to support the football team, then Wesleyan College can got ahead and form a football team.

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In the case of Lawrence Brown, the most appropriate research design that, Sam Fulkerson should select for him is descriptive research. Lawrence is interested in knowing the promotional methods used by other candy bar businesses. Since Lawrence is already aware that there are other candy bar businesses, which have already venture into the market, it is then advisable to use descriptive research design, to enable him explore more about the methods used by the existing competitors to promote their products. Longitudinal studies, may be very appropriate in this case since they can be used to describe more about the different promotional methods used by other candy bar businesses over a given period of time (Research Design, n.d). Descriptive research design is also appropriate for M&M Mars because; it would allow the brand manager to know more about who the candy bar customers are, what brands of candy bar do they prefer, and when they consume the candy bars in large amounts (Research Design, n.d).

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However, since M&M Mars has already tested the market reaction for a cereal flavoured candy bar, the appropriate design would be casual research design. Casual research design is appropriate when the values of one variable, are used to produce the values of the other variable (Lawrence, 2010). In this case, if a market test based on larger sample indicates positive reaction towards a cereal flavoured candy, then, M&M Mars’s candy bar is likely to record high sales, and hence high revenue. Conversely, if the outcome of the market test is negative, then it is likely that, the candy will not sell. The choice of casual research design is influenced by the fact that, a casual relationship between the outcome of market test and sales performance of the candy bar is already known.

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Casual research design would the most appropriate research design for McBride Markets. This is because; an explanatory research has already been conducted, and a specific area of study has been identified. Since Detrick wants to know the effect of coloured adverts in the market, then, a cause-effect experiment (one of the methods of undertaking casual research) can be appropriate (Lawrence, 2010). Through casual research, McBride Markets will be able to determine if coloured adverts will be a viable option for generating increased customer attention towards its adverts, and hence increase attraction of customers to purchase its products. Therefore, depending on the results of the casual research, McBride Markets will be able to make a decision concerning its advertisement strategy.

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Finally, in the case of Phillips, Yarbrough, and Rogers, the most appropriate research design that Sam Fulkerson should select for them is casual research. This is because; both the explanatory research and descriptive research have been conducted in the market. What the new marketers need is empirical evidence to indicate whether the customers will be willing to buy their products, once they see them on the supermarkets’ shelves. Where the value of one variable is produced by the value of the other variable, then casual research is appropriate in determining the value of the independent variable (Lawrence, 2010). In this case, casual research will be used to determine if potential buyers will purchase the new toothbrush storage and sanitation device when placed on the supermarkets’ shelves. As a recommendation, Phillip, Yarbough, and Rogers should undertake an experiment whereby, samples of their products would be placed in selected retail stores for a given period, and then observe if the customers would be willing to purchase them.

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