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Cyber Bullying

It is imperative to note that Cyber Bullying involves several online activities ranging from using texts to sexually harass various groups. Researchers note that one in every five middle school students have been in one time or another affected by it. The following paper will evaluate the use of language by five different authors as they illustrate the impact of Cyber bullying in the society. Cyber Bullying can lead to severe damages to individuals and might even result to death cases. The following articles are directed to educating the society about steps being taken to limit cases arising from Cyber Bullying and the knowledge that they are not yet conversant with.

The Playground Gets Even Tougher by Pamela Paul

Accuracy in Reporting

Pamela Paul uses figures to support her works. The author notes that maturity with the fast changing world presents an opportunity for hostility. A specific reference is paid to children who are largely affected. The mention of mean girl behavior also shows the extent towards which Cyber Bullying is taking (Paul). The author further suggests that girl’s exclude one another in the kindergarten.  In order to support the extent at which Cyber Bullying is spreading, Pamela Paul notes that a survey was carried on 1,144 parents throughout the nation. Statistics, according to the author, indicates that 67 percent of parents of children aged three to seven years worry about their children being bullied. On the other hand, a recent survey of 273 third gardens showed that 47 percent of this had been bullied at one point in their lives (Paul). The author is more specific with a given group and gives illustration of the girl child with relation to Cyber Bullying and the rate at which they are affected.

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Language Choice

The author seems to be bias in his reflection upon the girl child. She tries to justify the fact that the girl child remains prune to attack through Cyber Bullying while at the same time failing to recognize the fact that boys too are affected. In communicating this aspect, the reader is presented with the idea that the girl child suffers the most as a result of Cyber Bullying (Paul).

Little brother Is Watching by Walter Kirn

The Use of metaphor

The author reminds the reader about the novel of totalitarian politics in 1984 by George Orwell. In this novel, the author seeks to remind the reader about the emphasis on villainy of the society’s masters. The type of leadership envision at the time was dominated by the State and all citizens paid tribute to the government (Kirn). The author likens the evolution to the internet, where people no longer observe the aspect of secrecy hence the thriving of Cyber Bullying. This is hwt was witnessed as with the case of Tyler Clementi who committed suicide as a result of his intimate encounter being played on the webcam.

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Language Choice

The author has chosen to use the novel of totalitarian politics as a guide in which people were restricted in communicating some private aspects. Communication during those days was restricted and matters private could not have been brought into the public limelight (Kirn). The author as well employs the use of Shakespeare where embarrassment could not have been the case as was the case with Tyler Clementi. His choice of words is aimed at generating a new concept of thinking within different people.

Two Students Plead Guilty in Bullying of Teenager

The Use of Accuracy to pass on the message

In contrast to the case of Dharun Ravi and Ms. Wei, there is justice being noted in the case of two students being charged after they plead guilty of bullying a teenager. The reader notes accuracy in reporting in which results are achieved in the long run. The action to commit the students to 100 hours community service is a clear indication that steps are being taken in the society to eradicate Cyber Bulling . The author clearly states the charges against the two students and who were facing more serious felony charges.

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Death has been the final result of violating a person’s civil rights. As a perfect example to those who will desire justice for victims of Cyber Bullying, one realizes that the two defendants publicly accepted the responsibility for their actions and were ready to face the court action. In a twist of events, the author deviates from issues of Cyber Bullying and mentions about the sixth former student being charged with statutory rape (Eckholm).

The Use of Language

It is however true that the author stresses the fact that court proceedings have resulted in students engaging in Cyber Bullying being charged in courts. It is therefore imperative to note that in deviating from Cyber Bullying and mentioning the incidence of statutory rape, one realizes that the author want to educate the reader that action is being taken be the concerned authorities and that those involved are being brought to book.

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As Bullies Go Digital, Parents Play Catch-Up


As technology emerges, it is apparent that the rate of Cyber Bullying is taking a notch higher and more cases are being reported. Hoffman  notes that parents are now being forced to stage ways and means through which they will be able to cope with the emerging trends. It might not be easy for a parent to accept that their children are usually on facebook and the realization that the can use words to bully other students. It is from this orientation that the author educates the reader on how parents should note their children’s progress.

Emphasis on language use

In indicating that Marie’s son is a victim in the internet, being used by other people to advance their malicious ambitions, the author states that the Internet is envisioned with a state of lawlessness where people are potential threat to attack (Hoffman). However, the author notes that more still need to be done in curbing Cyber Bullying. It is surprising how family members can contribute to issues with Cyber Bullying. In contrast with the other articles in which Cyber Bullies are victims from outside, the case with Marie’s son is different in that relatives might be involved in the attack. In such a situation, the author invites the readers to reflect on any action they might take to deal with such a situation for it might be a close relative. It comes to a point that parents tend to limit their action when they realizes that a close relative has been involved in the attack (Hoffman). This raises the stakes as to whether action will be taken towards eradicating the Cyber Bullies.

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Facebook Wrestles with Free Speech and Civility-Function of Words

The efforts by different teenagers to come together under the “hate and harassment team”, is a step forward towards calling upon other youths to eradicate Cyber Bullying. Through this site, the team is able to curb down any illegal as well as people who violates the real concept of social gathering depicted by facebook (Helft). The author uses euphemism to describe the action by the youthful teams hence sending a message to the reader that despite the overall action being undertaken by the community to eradicate Cyber bullying, sensitizing the generation on communal sharing is important. The most recent occurrence in the Wiki leaks shows how far the internet can be used to destroy the reputation of several companies (Helft). The author tries to bring to the reader’s attention that the internet is being used to promote hateful, threatening, pornographic as well as inciting people to violent acts.

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