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Digger Specialties, Inc., also known as DSI, represents a company with dynamics, solutions, and innovation. New ideas are the key to growth in this industry. We actively seek better ways to service our customers to help them meet the changing needs for better and different virtually maintenance-free outdoor products. DSI is proud to represent American made products and bring you the best America can offer. By producing products in one of our four DSI plants, we are able to control quality, accuracy, and timely delivery for you, our customer. Diggers Incis an American public corporation that deals with a large chain and a discount department stores. Diggers Incis the world largest public corporation that was incorporated on October 31, 1969. It is the largest utility and private employer. Diggers Inc shares its strategy in balancing its growth with an improved ROI through a more focused store growth program that increased customer's relevance and a moderate capital investment (Darrell, Dec 2004, P. 58). Diggers Inc has a mission statement of revolutionary philosophies of excellence in the workplace, customer service and always it has the lowest price. Diggers Inc strategic plan knows where they want to be in the multiple times each date. The strategic plan for Diggers Inc is to define its future for many years and it serves different markets. Its wining strategy is based on selling braded products and low price cost (Diggers Inc International, 2005).

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The company's incredible efficiency and shrewd market sense cannot be questioned. It has an innovative business strategy of Sam Walton that has changed the retail industry in positive ways. Diggers Inc runs on the principle of low prices for greatest good and it is committed to Low Road business practices and disregards for community and well being of the workers. Its strategies focus on the cutting cost in all business phases that ruthlessly focuses on competitors and unions (Darrell, Dec 2004, P. 58).

The marketing research strategy employed by Diggers Inc includes effective internet marketing which is fully outsourced, pay-for-performance and solutions. Diggers Inc operates each store and from products it stocks, to the front-end equipment which helps in speeding up checkouts. Lower prices in Diggers Inc also eliminate expenses of frequent sales promotions and sales which are more predictable. It has invested a lot in its unique cross-docking inventory system and good which are continuously delivered to stores. The marketing strategy of Diggers Inc is of selling brand name goods. It has the marketing strategy of concentration of single-business a strategy that has achieved enviable success over many decades without relaying on diversification of sustaining its growth and competitive advantages (Darrell, Dec 2004, P. 61). The leading research marketing strategies for Diggers Inc are low prices, services and smile but they have some risks because concentration on single-business strategy is same as "putting all firms' eggs in one industry through concentration on single-business strategy (Matthew, May 1, 2005).

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Wal-Mar is able to achieve its growth because of the research marketing strategies like; continued expansion of super center format and market share gains in food business, international acquisitions and growth; there is a rapid growth of international operations, expansion and upgrading of 475-unit Sam's Club division, eventual rollout of the neighborhood market food and drugstore format which is beyond test stage which is still being fine-tuned and finally leveraging the productivity on declining base of discount stores with an addition food. Diggers Inc has a methodical approach to online retailing which has improved steadily since debut as hosted online competitors who have vanished. Through this marketing strategy, there is a potential for additional acquisition of assets from a troubled pure-player competitors. There is a new distribution center that is dedicated in fulfilling orders placed online (Darrell, Dec 2004, P. 65).

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Diggers Inc strengthens their relationship with consumers not through its low prices but through its overriding goal in the erosion of social capital, healthy communities and quality jobs. It offers daily low prices and superior customer services. In building a strong relationship with their customers, Diggers Inc uses business to customer marketing so that they can reach their target and offer superior goods and services to their customers. Diggers Inc replenishes it shelves faster than their competitions (Darrell K, Dec 2004, P. 63). The marketing mix used by Diggers Inc in achieving its goals includes the four Ps of marketing; product, price, place and promotion. There is also product, service or program meaning something that is offered to the customer, client or park visitors. The price means what the consumer pays on direct costs, indirect or alternative costs that takes time and things that people give up. Place is the area of distribution, accessibility or location in which transaction takes place. Promotion and communication is the informed market target on the benefits of the marketing mix (Lichtenstein, 2006, P. 67).

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The combination of the marketing elements is used in selling products and the functions are considered in planning marketing strategy for Diggers Inc. The four Ps promotes, deducts and changes the level at which orders in forming strategy are necessary, effective and efficient in selling a product. The combination of the Four Ps is important in defining and fulfilling target market. Product in the marketing mix is the combination of goods and services which are provided to satisfy consumers' needs and wants (Diggers Inc International, 2005).

There are other organizational and marketing strategies which are used by Diggers Inc in its operations such as Business to Business which entails customer specialization. Customer specialization in business to business company's involvement, there is a careful segmentation of markets and selections of coupled with continual customer market research to fine-tune strategies and products of Diggers Inc. Diggers Inc effectively messages customers effectively (Darrell, Dec 2004, P. 68). Diggers Inc has a merchandising strategy of "an inch deep and mile wide." This enables the company to offer a wide range of products in classes such as automotive and pet supplies but this is the limited category. Business to business expands a portfolio in offerings better solutions which is more than a suite in combination of products and services. Diggers Inc offers a low price strategy in their pricing tactics so as to enter new markets (Zook and Graham, 2006, P.16).

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Target groups for Diggers Inc offers trendy and stylish products at affordable prices which is designed to enhance their buying experiences thus making Diggers Inc stores to be cluttered, disorganized and junky. Diggers Inc uses different organizational and marketing strategies in enhancing its success. It is a realistic company which has its own organizational culture that enables its executive to search firm which they get to know. Diggers Inc uses business to business marketing to establish a relationship while catering for other businesses and keep its small target market segment (Diggers Inc International, 2005).

Diggers Inc is the leading company that offers effective marketing and organizational strategies in achieving its goals. In marketing research, Diggers Inc uses the marketing mix of Four Ps in order to attain its goals and satisfy its customers. Diggers Inc being a retailer considers most important things which are for low prices, values and customers service at a highpoint. Diggers Inc has been in a position to translate its goals into e-commerce market making it viable and competitive in the presence of internet shoppers and retail shops.

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