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Endorsement Paper

Suitable encashment of celebrity prominence is a hard process. Each filed has the potential to produce stars and prominent personalities. Each star is dissimilar and incomparable with other, because everybody has his/her own personality, his/her own liking, and his/her own disliking. On the one hand, it is quite hard to match the celebrity and its personality to a brand. On the other hand, it is also sometimes quite hard for a celebrity to synchronize himself to the brand and its pre-requisites. This paper will also instigate a study about a celebrity, and analyze comprehensively that which brand's offer is more suitable for the celebrity to go on with.

The celebrity:

Celebrity in this case is a young nineteen year old tennis star. She is quite tough to go on with and work with, because by personality she is likely a girl next door as well as possess a rebel element in her personality. However, she has five different offers for sponsorship deal. Analysis of each offer and endorsement of the best offer according to the celebrity personality and prominence is given as under.

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Wilson is one of the oldest and most expanded manufacturers of ball sports equipment. It has a century old history of manufacturing the sports equipment, and is one of the most influential and intimate role player in shaping the tennis, golf, baseball and American football (Wilson, N.d).

Offer from Wilson:

The offer from Wilson is not bad as they have offered $2.5 million a year for life time. In fact, it is true that this offer is most beneficial for the celebrity because for the time being it has highest monetary return. At the same time, Wilson is one of the biggest brands of tennis sports. Therefore, it would be nice to be attached with some relevant and highly regarded brand in the market. However, some revisions are there that would make this offer perfect.

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Firstly, this offer bounds the celebrity to not take alcohol which is quite hard for a personality defined in this case. Secondly, the offer has fixed amount for life time, it should include some incremental scheme regarding monetary aspects according to the popularity and prominence of celebrity. A reluctant attitude by Wilson in revision of these constrains would effect the endorsement.


Evian is a soft drink brand. It is a world wide popular soft drink incepted and established in France and now in all around the world. Evian has quite large range of celebrities that have sponsorship deals to promote the brand (Evian, N.d).

Offer from Evian:

Offer from Evian is lowest one as it has offered $1 million per year. At the same time, Evian has offered only one year contract deal which needs renewal each year. No doubt that Evian is good brand and in some extent relevant to the tennis sports. Therefore, it is easy to work with Evian. But, the monetary return is so low then the other ones. Hence, the revisions are there that are addressed as under.

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The only and single reason of non endorsement of Evian's offer would be the offered amount is the lowest one from the offers celebrity has. Therefore, this offer is only unacceptable due to the low monetary returns.

Rock Star Energy Drink:

Rock star energy drink is an herbal blended powerful energy drink. It generally gives an idea of rocking and adventurous life. And, their claim is that it is the world's most powerful energy drink (Rock Star Energy Drink, N.d).

Offer from Rock Star Energy Drink:

The offer from Rock Star Energy Drink is literally unacceptable. However, they have offered quite competitive amount of $5 million for four years which means $1.25 million for one year. The requirement from the Rock Star Energy Drink to maintain Rock Star Lifestyle is quite hard especially for a tennis player and more specifically for a woman tennis player.

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Therefore, firstly the rock star lifestyle is not easy to adapt. Secondly, it is literally hard to be a rock star throughout your life. And, if you are a tennis player, it would be certainly not doable.


Guinness is one of the most popular and most successful beer brand world wide. It has been originated in 18th century in London. Now, the brand has very large and decent consumers all around the world due to its quality products (Guinness, N.d).

Offer from Guinness:

Offer from Guinness is also quite low as it has offered $1 million for three years contract. At the same time, restriction on doing any other advertisement or contract with any other alcoholic brand is also a negative point in this offer. The brand has very limited criteria of advertisement and promotion of its brand by the star. At the same time, negotiations are also allowed in the end of renewal of contract after three years. Therefore, this is also not suitable for tennis star as it includes less flexibility.

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Cover Girl Cosmetics:

"Cover girl cosmetics" is ladies cosmetics brand founded in 1909. It covers all type of makeup material for ladies. As an old foundation and having huge variety of makeup products, it is quite popular in America (Cover Girl Cosmetics, N.d).

Offer from cover girl cosmetics:

Offer from cover girl cosmetics is reasonable as it offered $7 million for five year which means $1.4 million for one year. However, it bounds the star to not to use any other product in the tenure of contract. At the same time, the restrictions not altering the appearance, shoot three commercials per year, and mention the brand in her interview is quite difficult for a tennis player.

Therefore, as sportsmen the glamour is for him, but he is not for glamour. In other words, it would be the best offer for film or television celebrity, other then sportsmen. It is a good offer in terms of monetary rewards but does not suit to a tennis player.

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Endorsement of most suitable offer is not hard in this case. However, some revisions are mandatory to endorse the offer. The analysis of this case concludes that Wilson's offer is the most suitable and is the most relevant company to work with. However, they should revise some of their terms like not using the alcohol. It is acceptable to some extent like not using the illegal drugs which is also prohibited by the sports department. However, using alcohol is unacceptable and needs revision. At the same time, the amount of contract should have some increase after a certain period, actually after increase in popularity and prominence. These revisions in the offer would make it perfect and there would be no room left for not endorsing Wilson's offer.

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At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis; Suitable encashment of celebrity prominence is a hard process. After analyzing the offers, conducting the comparative studies and endorsing the best offer from five have granted us the knowledge to better understand the scenarios and take best decisions and select best options after careful considerations.

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