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Future Challenges Facing the Correctional System

Crowding is the one causative factor that leads to all the problems facing the correctional facilities. Reason being it is almost impossible to predict whether prisons will become more or less populated over time. As discussed below, the existing challenges facing the correctional facilities are still the same that are predicted though at a higher level than prior. A summary of the challenges faced by correctional facilities include security. This is a major containment challenge. Workforce, this can be categorized as recruitment, hiring, retention, training and successional planning. Another challenge is medical healthcare in terms of medical and pharmaceutical staff training and cost of pharmaceuticals.

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Additionally, there is the challenge of administrative issues. This narrows down to accountability, performance measures, long range planning and vision actualization. Funding from the relevant authorities is also a challenge that faces these institutions. Another major problem is the strategic threat groups and gangs that stretch up to the community level. Immigration is also a future challenge, the issue of illegal aliens and bilingual staff. Recidivism is also a future challenge in need of address. Another although not the least being interagency cooperation.

The government should provide the workforce with the necessary support they need so as to provide efficient services. Security challenge can be beefed up by introducing technology management systems that enhance efficacy such as fingerprinting technology. Issues of immigration can be sorted through public education, awareness, political support and advocacy. Special needs for inmates should be addressed under recidivism for example cultural diversity, sex differentiation and transgender. Community support coupled with social services should help address gangs. Alternative incarceration is also an alternative to population management. Community correction improves effectiveness rather than dependency on jail as the only choice to violation of parole and probation.

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The pros of the system are removing of criminals from the general public and deterring of repeat offenders, this helps in the rehabilitation process and creation of responsible citizens. However, there are cons such as the effect on families of those left behind while the prisoner serves time especially if they were caretakers or bread winners. Effect on the tax payers since funding is by the same government funding the institutions. The con is that criminals are living on the hard work of law abiding citizens.

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