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Future of Mexican Americans

There is a concern about the future of Mexicans in America. The past and current events help one to predict the future of a state or upcoming issue. Basing on different issues like guest worker policy, immigration laws, terrorism, Mexican's population growth and drug trafficking, the Mexican's future in America can be predicted (Martin, 2010).

The guest worker policy as reflected in the former President Bush's proposal on longsighted approach to temporary agricultural workers, which focused mostly on Mexican workers. This later brought a great concern that no temporary work program is truly temporary. This proposal is a loophole to illegal workers in the United States for the reason of doing temporary work, which slowly by slowly gain ground and begin indulging in illegal businesses. Unless this policy is clearly stipulated, the legal sector can be got off guards as the Mexicans increase in the number.

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Currently 10.3% of the Americans are Mexicans and a big percentage doesn't adhere to population control policy. By the end of a decade, their population will have doubled or even tripled compared to the Americans who now has a bad history of producing one child or even non-at all. This in the end makes the Mexicans more in America yet they qualify for citizenship through the advantage by birth. By prediction, the future Americans will be dominantly Mexicans.

The immigration law in the U.S is permissive and adds more advantage Mexicans. This is in line with the sentiments of Roxana Bacon, who is the former Chief Counsel of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). He postulated that the organization he was working for is charged with a humongous task of determining the legitimacy immigrants' benefits. This puts the Americas immigration system so lose and easy to penetrate by both the ill-mannered and dubious individuals. Unless something is done, the growing population of Mexicans will automatically infiltrate America. Former US President George W. Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox had a discussion to reform the guest worker program and create an amnesty program for undocumented immigrants living in the United States. This was brought to an abrupt halt by World trade Center terrorist attacks and to date it is not yet resolved.

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Long before the threat of terrorism became a priority, the United States federal government engaged in a costly, erratic struggle to fortify the southernmost border. These efforts to block immigration conflict with the fact that there are more than eight million undocumented foreigners working in the United States. An estimated sixty percent of these workers are Mexicans and of which some are agents of terrorism (Lorey, 2005). The America's safety is at stake because the terrorists use some Mexicans to perform their attacks because it's very hard for them to enter the U.S. some terrorists have even gone an extra mile to impersonate themselves as Mexicans only to enter US for their wrong intentions.

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Drug trafficking is an international concern and unfortunately, Mexicans have a bad history on this. Since it is an illegal business it is so lucrative and those who indulge in it make high and abnormal profits and thus highly attractive. The Mexicans who have infiltrated the U.S deal on this and even so recruit more dealers both Americans and other foreigners, there is even high rate of introducing the minors to the business as dealers and abusers. If this is not checked, the future of U.S is highly at risk.

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