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The difference between cultures and the hatred contained by the Indians and the whites as discussed in the story Geronimo the Last of the Apache Chiefs has led the two communities to war. The whites were developed and their cultures were evolving constantly as compared to the Indians who had strict undeveloped traditions. The whites always thought that their cultures were more superior to the Indian cultures because they considered them to be primitive ones. This made the whites to exploit the Indians by taking their land. On the other hand, the Indians retaliated by protecting their ancestral land. The whites were driven by greed for land while the Indians put more emphases on the revenge and protection of their land and culture. In my opinion, the whites were only trying to take the land for themselves and push the Indians away from America. For this reason, the Indians were protecting their cultures and ancestral land while the whites were trying to take the land leading to hatred and war between the communities.

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The whites were more developed and their cultures were improving with every passing day in comparison to the Indian cultures. According to the story Geronimo the Last Apache Chief the whites could be seen as the most developed population. The Indians believed in their ancestors. In this case, they thought that conforming to the western cultures; they were going against the wishes of the ancestors. The whites never believed in ancestors, therefore, they were more focused in development and introducing new cultures. This made them think that they are the most powerful as compared to the other cultures. The Indians stayed in camps sites while the Americans lived in towns. In addition, when Geronimo was signing the treaty he placed a stone on the blanket and vowed to follow the treaty to the letter (Schelereth, 1974). This shows that they were still in the process of improvement of their state as compared to the whites. In my opinion, the Indians were strict and resistant to change in comparison to the whites who were open for any innovations. Therefore, this led to the differences between these two communities.

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The Americans thought of the Indian culture as the one that is inferior to their own culture. The Indians were referred to as primitive people who did not want to adapt to change in the story. They thought that their own modernized cultures were superior and they should be followed by all the communities. Additionally, when the Americans settled down for the first time in Arizona, they considered the Indians to be a menace to the settlement showing that their cultures were more superior to the Indians. Moreover, they referred to the latter as to the indigenous people (Schelereth, 1974). Furthermore, they were using economical and religious policy make changes since they thought that their cultures and lifestyle were primitive. They started teaching the Indians Christianity so that they can swiftly take over their land. In addition to this, they used economic activities to improve their living standard thus leading to them wanting to take other weak cultures their property (Schelereth, 1974). In my opinion, I think that the white Americans wanted only land and labor from the Indians thus they had to show that they were superior. For this reason, this made the American culture appear superior to the Indians one.

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The Americans were fighting against the Indians due to the greed they had for land while the Indians bore in mind the idea of the revenge and protection. When the Americans settled down in Arizona, they only wanted the Indians to go away from the land and take it over in the end. At first, the Indians wanted peace like when Mangus went to make a deal with the whites. Mangus gathered some so that they can go to the whites and try to talk things over. Instead, he was captured and killed (Schelereth, 1974). This resulted in seeking for the revenge as it was done by one of the Indians, Geronimo, who wanted to take a revenge on the Americans (Schelereth, 1974). In my opinion, the war between the whites and the Indians started as a result of greed and revenge and yet they could make peace. For this reason, the two communities hated each other and fought against one another.

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The hatred and cultural differences between the two communities led them to the war and constant fights. The Indians were more traditional than the whites as they tried to look and borrow something the western civilization. They believed in ancestral spirits making them to be resistant to change. Additionally, the whites thought that their cultures were more powerful therefore this had brought only hatred. They whites thought that their cultures were better than the Indian cultures. Moreover, the whites were greedy. Furthermore, they used religion, Christianity, to brain wash the Indians so that they could get their land. They wanted land and in order to get it they needed to kill the Indians. The latter had to defend themselves and for the only thing they wanted was to take the revenge on their offenders. This resulted in a greed-revenge war yet the whites could have solved it in the civilized way by buying the land and making peace.

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