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Getting to Know Chacraseca

Rosa's point of view on the Nicaraguan Government's role in helping the community is that communities are left with ho help from government. This is due to the fact many people across the country are living in poor condition and poverty. Citizens are living in very poor conditions with bad shelters and poor levels of education. Despite all these problems, government is not doing anything to save communities from these problems. These are therefore facts which led Rosa to view Nicaraguan government's role on helping the community to be very minimal and only aimed at its benefit and not communities' benefit.

According to Rosa, Nicaraguan Government's role in helping the community is not effective since it is not solving serious issues affecting many communities. For instance, quality of education is very poor in many communities; poverty has become part of life in many communities with more than 50% of citizens earning less than $1,000 per year. Residents also have poor housing as shown by Rosa in the presentation. Hence Nicaraguan government's role in helping communities is ineffective when it is expected to be very effective especially when putting into consideration the quality and standards of life under which they are living.

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When looking at Rosa's presentation, it is effective and presenting common people's views and living standards. This presentation sends a message and warning to the government about the need of helping it people and their respective communities. Rosa used effective means of presentation attracting attention of both viewers and listeners of his presentation hence making her presentation effective and one of its own kind.

To conclude, I would like to urge Rosa to do her best using all possible means in addition to presentation which she had already placed in place to ensure that all communities and people in Nicaraguan are assisted by government. She should represent lower classes and ensure that rights of minorities are preserved and granted. Their living conditions should also be improved and job opportunities are created.

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