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Hugh Heclo’s “The Wall that Never Was”

The topic in this paper will be on the wall that never was. This is a subject that touches on the issue that people have today left the old life styles which played a major role in daily live. Instead, every person has turned to personal and public opinion in the search to be dependent and have their own opinion rather than the common and obvious way of doing things. In this regard, this paper will be responding to the subject matter of the importance of religion in decision making for day-today life.

This paper aims at revealing the present situation which is the difference that exists between the people and religion. That is most people have reached a point where personal and public opinion is what that matters. Unlike in the past, the opinion that was regarded as important and a must to follow was the religious perspective of any issue. This paper targets to discuss that difference that is at present in the society where people follow their own thought, and the issue of sanctity is not highly regarded as it was in the past.

To accomplish this goal, I have aligned several sources that will be used in writing this research. I have used books, journals, and websites that have talked on the subject matter in depth. I have used books that have mainly discussed the issue of abortion in the society. The books highlight the present stand of the society as far as abortion is concerned. The journals tackle the role that religion has played in the establishment of morals and sanctity in the society. The websites are mainly to support the information from the books and journals. Despite the fact that all the about sources are secondary, these sources have a concrete evidence of the subject, the role of religion in the society today.

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The role of religion in the society today is an important issue that should be discussed. The society has slowly drifted from the old ways of following divine intervention on the critical issues such as abortion. Instead, the society has clung to its own modern style of making a decision. The adoption of these new attitudes is slowly driving the society away from sanctity and discipline to living irresponsible and reckless lives. As a result, the society today is slowly decaying while people engage more on the ill-social habits that the ways of religion.  It is high time that the society refreshes its roots.

The paper will begin by highlighting the role of religion in the society today. Religion has enhanced decision making on issues that are contentious in the society for instance abortion. As a result, the issue of weather abortion should be legalized or not has become an issue of religious debate. That is the points considered for abortion will be the main points of discussion. The main query in this part, is to reveal the perception of abortion from the religious context. Is abortion acceptable in the religious circles. If it is not acceptable, then what are the reasons as to why abortion is not allowed. This part will mainly discuss the conflict about abortion is important in this essay as it discusses on the differences that exist between the different social circles.

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The issue of abortion has caused a divide in the community. There are people who support abortion while others refute from the practice of abortion. Hence, this clause will have details that will emphasize on the differences in the issue of abortion that is “The Wall that Never Was”. This will be followed by the role of religion in political decisions. That is has the church also affected the political circle? The Conclusion will end the whole issue on “the wall that never was” by giving a conclusive summary on this topic. After the conclusion will be a page on the work’s cited. This page will include all the full citation of the academic material that has been used in this research.


The issue of abortion in the society today has not only become a contentious issue but also one of the issues that have determined the role of religion in society. That is religion has in the past determined the decision that has been used in the making of most of the decisions that concern abortion in the society. As much as most communities have neglected the role of religion in their decision making, religion has still found its way to the platform of decision making. On the other hand, religion has also been involved in making decisions in the political plat form. This is to say that religion is today a fundamental part in decision making.

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One of the issues that have brought in a divide in the society is the issue of abortion. Many debates have been done to come up with a conclusive decision on this issue, but reaching the bottom line has been a wild goose chase. As a result, religion has played a vital role in making a decision in this subject. However, many people have opted for their own personal opinion than to consider any spiritual guidance. The question at this point is, has religion lost its significance in the society? I personally think that the society today has no regard on religion.

In this regard, this paper will critically discuss the role of religion in the legalization of abortion. In this discussion, I will highlight the different definitions of abortion according to religious and medicine definitions. From these definitions, I shall create a basis of the main argument as to why one group believes abortion should be legalized while another group refutes the idea of abortion. In this essay, I shall highlight the main characters of people affected in the legalization of abortion and the effect on the society at large. This essay will revolve around the question, how has Christianity caused a conflict in the society?In this regard, the essay shall have two opposing sides on this issue. That is one side supports the role of religion in the issue of abortion, and the other side refutes the contribution of religion in matters of the society. This is “the wall that never was” (Hugh, p. 68).

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The role of religion in decision making

In history, religion has been a source of guidance. That is people always went back to their different places of divinity to seek guidance. Religion was intervened when it came to matters that required decision making. Religion has also shaped the relationship between one person and another, one community to another. In this regard, religion has affected the discussion and issues in the community, and more in the political arena. This is because different people that meet bring in different suggestion in order to find a common solution that will be neutral. This is how religion came to be significant in decision making.

As the 21st century approached, people began to take individual decisions as the political world rose to higher heights. Most people preferred to stick to their own personal opinion than to consider religious perspective on any issue in the name of democracy (Raju, p. 124). As a result, religion and public policy operated on the same platform unlike in the past when religion would determine the last say. For instance in the issue of abortion, Christianity would refute the idea, while public opinion would support abortion. At this point, religion has become a source of conflict rather that the source of answers and direction as it used to be in the past.

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The definition of abortion in the Christian circles is also an issue of debate while other Christians believe that abortion is murder, there other denominations that support abortion under specific conditions. Hence, one denomination may view another denomination as though to have evil thoughts. According to Keene (p. 24) abortion is murder. Keene quotes mother Teresa who says that no other person has a right to take the life of another person not even the mother of a child. That is if a mother can kill her own child then murder will soon be a day-today activity. Hence, abortion should never be legalized. Once  a fetus is formed, then that is another human being who has a right to live. According to the discussion by (Reece & Barbieri, p. 29) abortion is referred to the intentional termination of pregnancy in medical terms.  That is the mother of the child makes a decision to terminate the growth of the child for her own benefits.

The view of Christianity about abortion

In view of these two opposing opinions, religion has truly caused a conflict. While most people would support the medical definition of abortion, most Christians will oppose the idea. Medical theories say that immediately after conception life is formed. That is while the child is growing in the womb, it is a human being that is only dependent on its mother only for a while. However, medical physicians have allowed abortion in cases where the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother. In this regard, medical doctors are permitted to do abortion if there is enough medical evidence to perform the abortion.

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Many other women conceive without planning. While others are young teenage girls other are women who get pregnant under harsh circumstances e.g. rape. In these cases, such victims have sought to abort their unborn children. These women have used the excuse that the life of the fetus threatens the life of the mother and seek for medical abortion. While such reasons are not justified, these women have the surgery done, and the pregnancy becomes history. On the other hand, religion does not allow such a practice at all. Such a people (conservative) believe that women should never be given the chance to abort. This is because the fetus will soon be a child that can live (Hillar, p. 2).  In addition, the fetus is living in the womb of its mother.

While most women advocate for the victims of rape to be given permission to abort the children, Christian representatives have come up strongly to say that, any abortion is against the work of the almighty God. That abortion is murder, and therefore a sin. The firm stand of different religions in opposing abortion has led to serious conflicts in the national debates. While the leaders of the religious groups fight to restore God’s fear in the people, most of people have already made up their minds on the issue.

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As a Christian I strongly support the religious leaders in their plea to preserve life. It is true that we cannot take another person’s life for granted. That is to eliminate a pregnancy is the same as opposing the will of God (who is superior to our thinking) that the unborn child has no right to live. We need to put in mind that for whatever reason of aborting, the child is innocent, and the one on the wrong is the mother. Hence, eliminating a pregnancy is a planned murder, which is a sin. As Christians, it can be argued that all things are possible with God. That it is God who will take care of the child, thus the pregnancy should be kept.

Abortion also leaves a person guilty. Many women have lived with the guilt that she once killed a child. There are young women who committed abortion while in their teenage. These ladies often undergo a stressing moment once they have become full grown women. The woman may get to a point of having hallucinations and nightmare of the child. Such instances can be avoided by encouraging such a person to pray to God and strength so as to take care of the baby.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that women also go through a lot of suffering especially in raising fatherless children. In many cases, children have been abandoned in the streets because the mother feared the responsibility of raising the child alone. In such a case, the woman has a point to which she can argue for abortion. That is instead of having such an individual go through the nine months and again to give birth, she can be allowed to terminate the pregnancy.

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How has religion caused a conflict/ problem in the society?

The world today is a global village. That is people have shared their opinions on the subject of abortion and have in the end affected each others judgment on this subject. The opinions from the western countries have spread all over the globe, and today people have also learnt the other side of the story. The idea of people aborting was not there in the days of old. That is people were always conscious to do what is right in the eyes of God. Such actions as abortion were considered an evil thing to do. The justification of abortion by modern scientists and non-believers has resulted to many people aborting their unborn children. In worst cases women and young girls have removed fetuses and dumped them in the dustbins and toilets. I consider this as the lack of sanctity and moral. It is high time that we regard life as sacred.

The reasons for abortion are today no longer a secret. People have bought ideas from the west on this matter, and today any woman can abort. This is because of the thought that every woman has a right to what she wants. That is it is the woman to makes the choice weather to keep the pregnancy or remove it. In this regard, the issue of abortion is personal, and every woman is entitled to her own opinion and wants. The thought that every person can do as she pleases does not agree with the concept of religion.











Religion is known to be a way through which man relates to his supreme God. That is through religion, the woman get to have a way of relating to the sole creator. According to the principles of Christianity, God gave his people commandments which they were to follow. People have forsaken these laws and taken other parts. This is because of the will of man to rule himself while God is the one who is to rule the people and give directions. This is the main source of conflict with Christianity.

One of the commandments demanded that man should not kill. In this regard, the clergy and other religious officials have refuted all other reasons of abortion and stuck to the way of religious conviction. That is by aborting and supporting the same act; people will be sinning and making God angry. There has since been a tag of war and continuous conflicts between religious believers and non-believers, as the Christian maintained the word of God as the final word (Charles, p. 85). This is the best way to go about such issues in society. In choosing the way of religion the society can return back to the sacredness and reason.

The role of religion in political decisions

Religion .plays a major role in the determination of political decisions  in the society today. Religion has held a significant part in the leadership of countries and states in order to ensure that people are following God’s plan in the end. Religion has also been the source of unity in  most countries. In this context, religion has also played a significant role in the politics of a nation. It is the part that determines how the nation is led. That is the beliefs in any nation are solely dependent on the religion that people are following.

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Most of the countries in the west have Christian worshipers. As a result, Christianity has dominated in these countries. This is evident as the law in these countries is influenced by the Christian doctrine. In the same way, the political decisions in such nations are determined by the religious doctrines. For instance, if the state needs to pass a law, the state has to consider the religious opinion before passing the law. However, some people are of the opinion that religion and politics should not be on the same platform (Oguntola-Laguda, p. 123). Religion also affects relations between people in a country.

According to the discussion established by Sloan (p.3) people need religion in their states. Religion is what can change  a person’s morality. Through religion, a person can return back to the formal ways of morality. Most Americans believe that a person has to be fully devoted to a certain religion at all times. Most of the believers in these states have inclined their lives to faith in God. However, the coming in of different religions is also a threat to the future of moral behaviors. The mixture of many beliefs is what leads people to unbelief (Sloan p. 4). These influences also lead to the introduction of poor moral habits.

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In conclusion, religion plays a significant role in every nation. It does not matter which religion a nation has focused on, they all play a certain role in the administration and law enforcement in the nation. Although politics and religion are two different things both should be used effectively to improve law enforcement in a country or state. A country that lacks religious leadership may not have sanctity in its decision. In this regard, the people in such a nation stand a chance of having continuous fights and conflicts.

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