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Mediums for Listeriosis Outbreak

The organism that causes the food outbreak illness has been greatly associated with the consumption of tainted Cantaloupes (Allen, 2011). The organism, according to World Health Organization report, affects both the infants and the adults cutting across the entire population irrespective of sex and age. The WHO report indicates that the disease has also been attributed to the multiple experiences of still births amongst pregnant women. The scientific name for the microorganism that causes this food illness is “Listeria monocytogenes”. These microorganisms lead to the condition: Listeriosis.

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacteria and it’s the main cause for Listeriosis. When the disease was termed as an outbreak, the entire news cut across all individuals and everybody was advised on seeking medical assistance when they noted the following signs and symptoms: persistent fever, stiff neck, frequent headaches, confusion and vomiting with the most chronic symptoms being fatal blood infection and in other cases meningitis (Allen, 2011).

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Information provided in the article acts a guide to each and every decision that I make meaning that I would now be cautious with the consumption of the cantaloupe fruit. The signs and symptoms provided by the article acts to assist me in making timely decisions to seek medical advice whenever such signs occur. Since the report indicates that the disease is prone to specific areas of the nation, I will try to avoid the area as much as possible and in fact (if need be) cease from consuming any food coming from those areas. According to WHO, the disease is prone in Iowa state and some parts of Colorado.

In concluding, the article by Jane Allen is accurate and reliable. This article has covered, in details, the disease in terms of its symptoms and demographics. The author of the article was successful in conveying the information to the reader. The article has been presented in a rather simple language that a reader can easily identify with. The statistics and demographics are at par with World Health Organization statistics.

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