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Mp3 player is a device that compresses music files up to ten times the original files. For example, if music file had memory of 20MB it could be reduced to 2MB. Piracy started using this device in 1999, by computer science student of Boston northeastern university, but became popular in 2000. Mp3 is the short form of MPEG-1Layer 3, which familiar to many people all over the world. In the past years, the mp3 player had smaller memory but the recent ones have larger memory and are small. This is why they are able to store a lot of music. They take a very short time to pirate music. Pirates take about fifteen minutes to download music that he or she wants to use a modem and then compress the music using the MP3 player. Devices have also been developed to play these compressed files e.g. Discman, car stereos and other home entertainment devices. The mp3 can also uncompress the music files, stored in CDs, and these CDs are played in DVDs (Hacker 67).

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Pirating music is allowed in Miami but the selling of pirated music an illegal practice. This is because it affects the artists who are the owner of the music being pirated. Those who sell pirated music receive penalties like imprisonment for up to five years. In Miami, pirating was popular since it was cheap and one could download the music one wished to listen. Teenagers pirated music and sold them in order to get money. Antipiracy organizations stopped those pirates who sold pirated music since it was illegal. Many pirates are not afraid of going to jail because they claim that the internet is very wide but with this anti piracy, organization (RIAA) has been keen on checking those still pirating. The organization has so far arrested about 1,481 people from 1993-1997. Computer piracy was a popular in Miami and it started in the late 1960s. Today piracy is still a threat to many artists since they are not making a lot of money from their own music as they expect. Movies are also pirated and sold cheaply to people who the owner of the movie could sell to them expensively. Florida is one of places where piracy is widely practiced.

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The pirates are also pirating pornographic materials that are not good for the young generation. This has caused threat to the parents whom their children are exposed to these materials. Some of the children had already being influenced to do what they watch in the materials that are pirate. The trading of mp3 over the internet is usually going to be widespread in the music industry and it is idealistic objective to control it. The money they use to control piracy is more than the money they in this pirating business. This will therefore lower the economy of the country.

Advantages of the mp3 piracy

There is little time used to pirate and therefore, the pirates can make many copies within a short time. This will enable them to earn a lot of money within a short time and it will encourage them to continue pirating. The availability of the many copies will able to meet the high demand of the buyers. It gives the pirate the freedom to pirate the files that he or she is interested in only therefore, its gives help them pirate the files that the buyers want. They can also pirate music according to what the buyer wants. This will attract many customers and these are mainly the teenagers.

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Pirates are able to combine music of different artists and these files please the customers. They are able to get different taste of different artists. The buyers see it as an advantage, because CDs contain a variety of music he or she is interested in, compared to the artists who will sell specifically his or her music. They therefore prefer the pirated CDs to the ones sold by the artists. Since the pirated films are cheap, many people buy them and therefore, the pirates get a lot of many. They are therefore able to make more pirated films and therefore the government is unable to stop them. These have increased the number of pirates since everyone is interested in the work that does not require a lot of effect (Ruckert 128).

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Disadvantages of mp3 piracy

The mp3 player is expensive to buy and therefore, not affordable to some pirates. This is one of the challenges since if a device needs to be replaced; sometimes the pirates are not able to afford it. Many of them have delayed due to lack of capital. Fixing the gadget to its rightful place requires a specialist, who needs to be a pay. The other disadvantage is that, since pirating music is illegal, the people pirating the films and are usually caught and arrested to up to ten years. This has caused a big threat the people pirating the music and therefore they do not have conducive environment to do their work. The organization responsible for stopping piracy from going on are very keen in checking whether the rules are followed, and that is whether they are still selling the pirated films.

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The other disadvantage is the viruses on the internet. Due to the use of the internet to get the music they want to pirate, their devices are likely to be destroying them. They are forced to purchase others since they still want to continue pirating. This will make the pirates to have losses in their business. Since the devices require source of power like electricity in order to carry out its function, the people pirating must pay electricity, which are usually expensive and therefore, this may be a disadvantage to them. Some may be living in places where there is no electricity and he or she is forced to look for accommodation, and this may increase the expenses.

The buyers may sometimes buy CDs that are blank or without any information from these pirates, maybe because there was a mistake or intentional. This may disappoint the buyers and the people pirating the music may end up losing their customers. This will make the pirate lack buyers to buy their products. Some of the products produced by the people pirating are not accepted by the society for example pornographic materials. This to causes immorality to both children and adults. This is why the most buyers are the teenagers and that is why the government is finding ways to stop this business of piracy.

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Solutions to mp3 piracy

The government has formed organization that is meant to look for those people who are still carrying out this business of pirating music and movies. One of these organizations is the (RIAA). This is because the people pirating the music files and movies are causing problems to children, adults and artists (Van Der Wal 90).

The government has also imposed rules as imprisonment to those caught pirating the music files and movies. Those caught pirating will be imprisoned to up to ten years. This will make those still pirating music files and movies try to stop pirating music. The government considers pirating music files and movies as counterfeit goods and they are illegal according to the rules and regulations.

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