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Nurture or Nature

Given an option to choose between nurture and nature on which determines the character development in a person, I would choose nature. This is because there are more than enough reasons to believe that heredity (nature) does contribute more to the development of character than nurture. The first argument is that if the environment was to be a determinant of character then it can be argued that people in similar environment will definitely have similar character. It would be expected that children of the same family being brought up in similar environment will definitely have similar character. It is known that family siblings do not necessarily resemble each other in character. From studies carried out it has been shown that even people brought up together and exposed to the same environmental conditions together for long enough have never ended up developing the same character. According to Hurwitz and Christian (1983) even monozygotic twins who are brought up together are expected to differ widely in their character. All these show that exposing people to the same environmental conditions will not make them have the similar character. Maybe the best example which illustrates this is that of the late Iranian twin sisters, Laleh and Ladan Bijan who passed away at the age of 29 years. These two being joined literary lived in the very same environment. Everything for them was same but very surprisingly they completely developed very different character which gave them very different desires from each other (Ahmad, 2004). It is expected that since they had grown up together literary being joined they could develop the same character. However this was not the case. This is a sure proof that the environment does not make a major contribution to the development of character of a person but rather that character development results from heredity.

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