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Object Analysis

Touch screens are object widely used in this century by many people due to the change in technology. Many electronic devices being manufactured are digital in nature due to the fact that the world is going digital. Touch screens have been modified with inputs that are very sensitive to light, pressure and some even motion. There are those phones that when disturbed will change their screen savers, ringing tones hence we can come to a conclusion that our bodies (electronic current) and human organisms are directly involved with the inception of touch screen technologies. Our fingers have stored currents that when in contact with the touch screen changes the current existing of the layer of screen. Touch screens come in so many sizes depending on the style and preference of individuals; they have been able to accommodate the tastes of many people.

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Our gorilla arm however, is less adoptive to this technology of touch screen and thus after few minutes of fumbling with the technology they get tired which eventually leads to the cramping of our body muscles. Due to such problems affecting our body muscles, technologists decided to come up with the calibration of using pens instead of fingers which eventually changed the whole meaning of them being touch screens. Computers will soon be touch screens. Most cell phones being used by many individuals in the world have adopted the touch screen model since they have seen that most individuals especially business men, lawyers, doctors and those in professions are less interested in gadgets that needs too much pressing of buttons. The onset of such touch screen technologies has made their work easier and they now accommodate the technologies that come.

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 Electronic graphs were the first touch screen technologies to be applied in the world by a researcher who was in the University of Kentucky. As years passed by, the elographics continued to develop and in the year 1994, the name was changed to Elo Touch Systems. The University of Illinois became the first place to build a kiosk that was electronic and touch screen effects had been incorporated for students to be bale to send e-mails, look up on information concerning things like maps, list and the movies that were being released. Development did not stop there and so the commercialization of the multi-touch technologies came in handy complete with software’s that were accustomed to detect the multiple simultaneous touch points and touch screens in the different equipments. Touch screens are popularly used in hospitals, industries and kiosks like museum displays and or the room automation since the mouse and keyboard does not allow rapid or accurate interaction by user of the contents displayed (Peg 10).

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Historically, touch screen technology sensor and its accompanying components based on the firmware have been made widely available in the market array system integrators and not by use of display, chip, or manufacturers of the motherboard. Display and chip manufacturers have acknowledged and accepted the upcoming trends of touch screens technologies for their high desire of user interface components thus have started integrating the functionality of touch screen in their product designs. Soon all we will do is point on the screen itself and senses our bodily heat and reacts to the command given promptly.


Capacitive touch screens panel do have insulators like glass, which are coated with a transparent conductor such as the indium tin oxide (ITO). The human body is a good conductor thus by touching the screen’s surface, the electrostatic field of the body is disturbed which is measured as capacitance change. Location of the touch screen is determined by different technologies. In the surface capacitance technology, a conductive layer is coated on only one side of the insulator, and then a voltage of medium size is applied to that layer which will result in a balanced field of electrostatic. The minute a person places his finger on the uncoated surface, a capacitor is dynamically produced. Controllers of the sensor’s can be able to determine indirectly the touch location since they are measured from the capacitance change from the four panel’s four corners. During manufacturing time, the product will need calibration as it is prone to faulty signals resulting from parasitic coupling capacitive since it does not have any parts that are mobile in nature thus it has a limited resolution which makes it moderately durable. This kind of technology is used on the simple applications like controls in industries and also in kiosks. Other forms of existing capacitance are like the Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) that permits more exact and supple operations through the process of designing the layers that are conductive; Mutual Capacitance sensors does allow operations that are multi-touch operations hence multiple fingers, palms can be easily and accurately tracked all at the same time; and Self Capacitance sensors which uses the same grids like the above, but is stronger in signal though unable to resolve accurately as mutual capacitance when more than one finger or palm are used thus results in misplaced sensing locations (Boomen, Lammes and Lehmann 102-109).

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There are two other types of touch screen technology which are the resistive and surface wave. The surface technology uses ultrasonic waves that usually pass over the touch screen panel thus when the panel is touched absorption of a portion of the wave occurs. The change in the waves then registers the event position of the touch and sends the message immediately is delivered to the controller which carries out the processing work. Resistive touch screens have coated panels with metallic electric conductive and resistive layers causing change in the electrical current thus registered as a touch event and information is sent to the controller for processing of data to occur. There are touch screens that have transparent plastic things that protect them from scratches caused by every day use of the smart phones (Boomen, Lammes and Lehmann 110-120).

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In our contemporary societies, we have many gadgets that use the feature of touch screens like cell phones and to be more specific the iPhones mostly associated with the Apple Company. The touch screens have components that include a touch sensor, controller and software drive in its input system. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) are conventional displays found in many shops and destinations in the world, all of them have been installed with different methods that detect the input of touch. Resistive touch screens are the most popular in our time and consist of surfaces that have metallic layers coated with resistive materials that are transparent (Boomen, Lammes and Lehmann 120-125).

Touch screens are found in so many technologies like the touch screen monitors, add-on touch (has both external and internal kits), computers with touch, industrial touch (can be panel mount, rack mount, or open frame), large touch screens (those that are built in vary from 22 to 46” while the overlays are 26-103”) and accessories like the handwriting software, keyboard-on-screen, overlays and view touch. Most stock exchange markets in the world, have also adapted the touch screen technique which has made their work easier and efficient as well. If the touch screen’s active area is slightly larger than the monitor’s viewing area, it is ok.

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Economic Aspects: focusing on the Enterprise and iPhone

The future of technology is Multi Touch. Many are the times when we think that touch screen technology is best suited for the entertainment realm, but this is not the case especially since it has become a great presence in this enterprise market that is nascent most especially those from NextWindow companies. Consumers appreciate the touch screen technology because it has enabled them access contents in the internet by simply touching the items they seek to find hence convenient, practical and faster than the use of mouse and keyboard. This has enabled most consumers handle their own trades without having to involve the middle men who demand a lot from the consumers for doing business on their behalf. Banks have started using this technology and thus customers are able to chat with their loan officer via the touch applications and use of the webcam. The customers are able to see their solutions by using the TouchSmart PCs. Dealers in the automotive sector have also adapted to the use of touch screens for they have been able to install interactive displays that allow prospective buyers of cars to configure their own models of vehicles using various options (Schaeffler 55-60).

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Apart from all these business sectors, the tourism industry has also been able to implement the touch screens in real estates and tours and travels industry in the delivery of appropriate building representations and sectors that are going to help manipulate the sales of that particular company. Architectural firms have used a 3D touch enabled application model to present their projects visuals all inclusive of the streets, aerial view and different angles of the building to be constructed. This has come in handy when the architects want to persuade their prospective clients for example investors who are needed to approve whether the project should be carried out and whether they were going to assist in completing it (Schaeffler 60-62).

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Multi-touch screen sales have been affected greatly by the Apple iPhone due to the increase in similar technologies which are growing and expanding. High demand for mobile phones and industries that are electronic by the consumers specifically the portable games that console many, private and personal digital assistants and navigation devices that are also portable. The global market continues to mature and thus touch screen will play vital role in all electronic life, starting from planes to the automobiles to machines control systems to appliances used at home. Since multi touch screen displays have been designed to respond accurately to the multiple touches at the same time, they can also be fitted with imaging technologies (optical). Apple has not only produced mobile handsets that have additional applications that go beyond the voice communication, but they are also suitable for manufacturing handheld video game systems and browsing of map systems as well. They have improved the YouTube mobile website which is designed to enable users of the phone who are smart to navigate to YouTube’s library that has many video thus they can be able to higher video resolutions clips (Shimp 8).











Labor Aspects: focusing on interactive touch screen

The economy is self service and has grown rapidly because they have provided the customer, organization and the whole economy with benefits. To the consumer, room has been left for them to choose which type of service they want. For example, when one goes to the gas station, h/she has the privilege of choosing whether to be attended to or pump the gas on her own especially if one could be saving some cash by using the option of self service. Consumers have also been given a greater convenience, accessibility and ease of use of these technologies. There are times when the customer feels pressured to do something, but on using the self service technology rather than the service counter method, no feeling of being rushed or pressured is experienced. Disable individuals are able to do their own purchases by using the self service technology which has made online shopping of different communities affordable and accessible (King 123).

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For businesses to be competitive in the expanding service economy, they need to utilize fully the IT which leads to significant growth in productivity. Customers can also use the technology to make efficient delivery of goods and services for example, tax accountants who rely on the customers to provide the company with their basic information to complete the tax forms has been simplified through management of customers thus facilitate delivery of services to customers (partial employers). Businesses that use this technology have reduced their costs which have provided the customers with better quality of product and services. Companies have also adapted e-commerce which has increased their operational efficiency by reducing the number of incorrect orders and other inaccuracies brought about by mouse and keyboard technologies thus saves the company billions. Communication between various departments has been fully catered for and also assistants are having an easy time when it comes to documentation of the reports, files and journals of clients. Touch screen technology has brought about good things and is very easy to learn. Large displays have grown rapidly, are more affordable and offer new opportunities in the placement of work environments. Groups that have to collaborate novel use of these large interactive display surfaces since they have been incorporated with personal identification devices thus is qualitatively different from the other traditional computers. Use of hardware’s and software’s that are interactive has helped students with disabilities to also learn by using the modern technologies thus they help modify the texts (Castellano 45).

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