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Order in the Classroom

The article under the title “Order in the Classroom” by Neil Postman helps to shed more light on the main problems of education, their reasons and effective solving. Neil Postman is known as a talented American critic and a great educator. It is important to mention that his pedagogical and scholarly interests were tightly related to such spheres as media and education. The impact of media and environment were later discussed by Postman in approximately seventeen books. According to the article “Order in the Classroom” the issue of order in classroom tends to be an important technique that can significantly improve the educational process. Besides, tolerance, respect and a certain fear of authority are essential attitudes that serve as a basis of education and should be learned and established during the preschool time. Moreover, the impact of electronic media on children and education should not be neglected as it can ruin the fundamental and stable attitudes in the classroom.

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The order in classroom should always be controlled as this technique can significantly improve the educational process. Education is the process of a constant development of every individual that includes many various activities that impart necessary knowledge and skills. This process is extremely important for every individual, because it forms the personality and gives a huge part of the required knowledge and life experience. As in every field of activity there exist specific problems that should be discussed and constantly solved. In spite the fact that America spends much money on education and its development still the level of it remains rather unsatisfactory. Such little knowledge being achieved can be explained by a set of factors including the falls in maintenance of fundamental educational attitudes, negative impact of electronic media and poor social background. The youth is affected by media a lot and thus social organization presented in school is lost.

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It is the task of our government to make people aware of such notions as tolerance, respect and a certain fear of authority. The main responsibility of the government is to provide the populations with necessary education within the study period and preschool time too.. Also the responsibilities include encouragement, leadership and financial support. The central authority of the state’s educational enterprise is held by the department of education and its controlling board that exist in each state. The legislature enacts laws for both public and nonpublic schools in the state, but the state department of education and local school districts are responsible for the operation of the school system. The state board of education creates educational policies. Superintendents or commissioners are chosen in order to administrate the state school system and to implement policies adopted by the board. The government is responsible for formation and development of every individual. It should pay a lot of attention to the conditions of education in order to make people become productive by educating them. Education is one of the most essential elements and that’s why its value is so high. Nowadays there appear more and more ways how to improve the current state of education. The government tries to create and develop new laws including financial support, some additional changes in the national curriculum, new alternative ways of education and some other branches of it. Dr. Hurwitz’s curriculum offers several solutions in order to improve the level of education in the United States. In his opinion more attention and time should be focused on the order issue and it is necessary to remind people that school should be considered the main avenue of both social and economic advancement. Moreover, the creation of such a system of education is a great achievement and display of democracy and it should be valued. However, both education and democracy have weak points and are full of redundancies and conflicting goals (Blake & Izumi-Taylor). Moreover, the number of weak points in education is quite significant nowadays and it is necessary to analyze and get rid of them immediately. Many pupils in the USA attend schools that are located in very remote areas and it takes much time and money to get there every day. Unfortunately many minorities and poor students lack money to visit such expensive and remote schools (Dewey). Hence pupils have to visit cheaper schools, where the quality of books, different curriculum materials, and computers is not very high. Moreover in such schools there are too many pupils in each class and the teacher cannot pay enough attention to everyone.

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It important to remember the impact of electronic media on children and education as it can ruin the fundamental and stable attitudes in the classroom. Moreover, unfortunately some teachers are qualified and some of them are not trained enough in fields they teach. The teacher’s preparation is an essential component in education that has a great impact on its effectiveness. Teachers with low level of preparation and experience come across many difficulties, for instance they cannot manage the classroom well, may have difficulties with pupil’s motivation and moreover curriculum development. Teachers may lack knowledge about how the children grow and learn and what is important for them at the every stage of their development. Nowadays our government tries to ensure that every child has a competent and qualified teacher. Also the availability of all necessary materials is checked regularly.

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The issue of disorder in classrooms, inobservance of fundamental educational attitudes and liability to electronic media are definitely weak points of the USA, but still we are all able to make it not so urgent and burning. Order in classroom can serve as an important technique in order to improve the educational process only in case it is based on such notions as tolerance, respect and a certain fear of authority. It is recommended to pay more attention to the preschool education and limit the use of electronic media especially at early age.

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