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Traditionally games always have losers and winners thus making the game have an entertainment value. Following this, I disagree with the statement that playing a game is fun only when you win. To be more specific, playing a game brings a greater fun when you win than when you lose but since we play for fun, playing becomes fun regardless of whether we lose or win. In any game, losing and/ or wining is a natural fact thus every player should take it with the spirit of sport. It does not happen that all players become losers or both winners; therefore, if taken with the correct spirit, it becomes fun regardless of the results.

This is because, games are meant to eliminate tension and stress, however, if one is not prepared for defeat, s/he may undergo severe nervousness as s/he plays thus having high chances of losing. In every game, players should try their best to win; on the other hand if they lose, they should take it with sportsman courage least they become depressed. Games like football are played to keep players and audience mentally and physically healthy. Therefore if we allow tension and nervousness to overtake our thoughts, we loose the essential purpose of playing which is entertainment. It is therefore fun to win and experience success though losing is unavoidable. Consequently, players should play for healthy participation since wining or losing are expected in any game.

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