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Plot Analysis

Harry porters series begin with a depressed harry whose parents have been murdered; he is adopted and mistreated by his stepfamily. He realizes he is a wizard and joins the world of wizards for the first time; here he is treated well with respect and acknowledged. He finds it hard to deal with his newfound fame. He has an invisible veil and a scar with the shape of lightening.

Regularly he is bothered by voldemort, and examined by the media and the magic world and he brings to close that he is a normal wizard .He needs support and plays Quidditch for good wishes and to make people forget the scar. In another way the scar brings a connection between Harry and his mother, the shape of lightening in his scar shows the relationship between heaven where is mother is and earth. The mark is a lasting sign of shield and love of his mother for him.  

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The invisible veil conceals him from the commotion brought about by being Harry porter who defeated the dark lord. The invisible veil helps him run away from his troubles, and the attention he gets from the press that makes him a centre of attraction at school, by hiding he feels at ease with himself. The invisible veil builds a relationship between him and his real father it protects him from challenges as his father would have protected him.

His past is brought out by the mark and the invisible veil conceals him from his past .After realizing his mother and fathers full sacrifice he does good things to others. The scar and the invisible veil left of his parents build Harry potters powerful psyche.  

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Harry is kind and uses his power to save people from evil he maintains good relations with his friends, at adolescence he is first attracted to Cho chang in the Quidditch team, he finds her pretty. Other instances of love are between Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley they are to be married, Bill is injured and mutilated as he struggled with the death eaters, but Fleur goes ahead and marries him.Nyphadora Tonks is also loved by Lupin irrespective of the fact that he is a Wereolf .The growing love of Ron and Hermione also builds the theme of love, it is this love that keeps Harry going and makes him conquer with good deeds.



He is the hero. Harry is modest and humble and he maintains these virtues, even after his fame as a wizard. He does not expect any praise for his good deeds and does not use his power to accomplish pretentious wishes, Harry is also a loyal friend, he prefers keeping good relations with his schoolmates rather than basking in fame due to his talent at Quidditch, he can sacrifice himself for the sake of a friend, Harry is able to create true friendship and conquer his lonely past.

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He is different from Harry .He is an unpleasant character and a snob, after seeing how bad Malfoy is we like Harry more for his kindness and generosity. Malfoy mingles with children from rich families and ignores others; he is selfish and wants to be superior always. He is mean and nasty and gets worse as the story progresses.


She is an irritating perfectionist, she has read all books for her classes, knows all about Hogwarts, and follows all the rules, she is also intelligent and scores well in school.


These are important, worldwide thoughts analyzed in fictional or literary work.


One of the dominant themes is death, as the book begins Harrys parents die in a mysterious way, and he learns to live with the notion of death at a very young age. He also witnesses the killing of a school friend and loses his godfather and his mentor. .Voldemort as a character also brings out the theme of death he killed Harry's parents and is portrayed, to have a strong urge to win over death. As Harrys opponent he regularly makes him remember his parent's death. His name means "death wish". He is wicked and never stops until his goal is achieved and it is the duty of harry and his friends to stop him, he is called the dark lord.       

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There is a struggle between good and evil in Harry's fictional work the will to live of the infant Harry against the wicked dark lord voldemort   is based on the power of love of his mother who sacrificed his life for the love he had for his son. Harry and his peer friends conquer the wicked Voldemort through the strong will to do good deeds in Harry, the strong bond of friendship between the faithful Ron and Harry, Hermione's ability to solve problems and their courage.   


The world of wizards and witches has prejudice or is unfair, magical characters second rate the world without magic. Some characters discriminate people from particular classes for instance certain witches and wizards are unfair to people without their heritage.                                                                                                                  

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She is likable, she became friends with Ron and Harry, she who follows all rules lies to the teacher and the decision to break the rules to save his friends forms the basis of a new friendship.


He is a shy modest young boy, Ron is loyal, and helps Harry in his venture, Ron's humble background shows us that success at Hogwarts is due to ability and hard work not family links. He allows himself to be beaten by the chess queen, which shows that he is selfless and generous.


Rubeus Hagrid is kind hearted, he sheds tears upon leaving the infant Harry with the Dursleys, which shows that he minds Harry. He is also affectionate to animals, even if they cause him trouble, for instance when he raises dragon at home. He is a symbol of generosity and human kindness in a world full of bad characters.

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He is a great wicked wizard; after he murdered Harry's parents, he gave Harry a scar with the shape of lightening. Voldermort whose name means death is associated with magic and dishonesty he cannot understand love and that is his weak point, he cannot touch Harry's body, which has traces of love from his mother.


Harrys cousin, he is spoilt, a fat bully, annoying and loud. He influences the love his parents have for him to get what he wants.


Harry's rich uncle, he is silly and mediocre, through his eyes, wizards are seen and his inability to see the colorful cloak and literate cats show how far the wizard and the human worlds are.


She is Mr. Dursleys wife, she is naughty and snoopy, she is also jealous of the magical gifts of her sister, Harry's mother, the hatred for Harry is from earlier bitterness she had for her sister.

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