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Political Cartoon Analysis

Mike Luckovich is a cartoonist who deals with political issues. His work is incorporates the use of humor to put across the relative points. He draws images that bring out the emotion that he is going through as he puts focus on the aspects of issues that affect the world. The cartoon featured here is an original publication from the Atlanta Journal - constitution. In this cartoon, there is a man sitting on the couch in his living room watching the television. The couch has horizontal stripes running from the top to the bottom, and there is a framed photo of a younger person on the wall behind him.

There is a woman peeking from a door of another room so that she can see what the television is broadcasting. The voice from the television is saying "increasing chance of multiple meltdowns". The woman responds to it by saying, "please, let that be about Charlie sheen". The cartoon is from Mike Luckovich as it has his signature at the top right hand corner. Luckovich has used comparative humor to compare two different situations that are apparent at the time. The world has just learnt of the horrifying news of the multiple earthquakes that have hit Japan, the increasing hunger spells in Africa, the numerous civil wars caused by dictators in different parts of the world, the war in Afghanistan and other natural calamities that make the news.

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The news came shortly after a massive tsunami instantly killed very many people in Haiti, causing serious developmental and economical destruction. The chance of an increased danger in possible disaster resulting from the Japanese nuclear power station, and possibly killing more people is what the news anchor in the cartoon is highlighting; by issuing the heading of the increased chance in multiple meltdowns.

The response of the woman by hoping that the meltdowns highlights are about Charlie Sheen has introduced the aspect of humor in the cartoon. Charlie is a character in the T.V comedy 'Two and a Half Men'. He has been involved in several meltdowns in his making him a common name in the tabloids. His drug addiction problem as he is constantly in and out of rehabilitation centers is the highlight of his lifestyle. He recently insulted the producers of the show making claims of not getting enough pay and e warned them against telling him how to live his private life.

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He physically assaulted the mother of his children on Christmas day, grabbed the children, and took them with him. His involvement with numerous porn stars as he takes them to holidays and his involving the press on the matters has aroused many reactions from the public. The comparison of the two in the cartoon reduces the grief that the actual meltdowns are spreading. The cartoonist is communicating about the awareness and the alertness that the world is practicing as they anticipate more calamities. These are unpredictable and there is no way to prevent them. The life of Charlie sheen is a self-inflicted calamity as he can prevent it from happening but he does not try, which makes it a funny story.

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The cartoonist has incorporated his feelings in the setting of the cartoon via the characters in it. The two people symbolize how the rest of the world watches helplessly as other parts suffer massively, because they cannot do anything about the calamities. Instead, they think about other amusing things to occupy them and erase the bad mood caused by the calamities that they foresee. The fact that they are watching it on T.V symbolizes the fact that the meltdowns do not affect them directly, but they hear of it over the media. However, their attention to the news shows that they are concerned about the matters involved.

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