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CCTV Surveillance system is essential in ensuring effective surveillance of the area, as well as creating proof crucial for post-event analysis. The system provides online displays of video images on the monitor/large plasma screen located in the central or the control room. Such a system facilitates the viewing of live documented images and directing of all cameras by the sanctioned users thus enhancing the security of the business firms (Phillips, 2006). The system should offer interoperability of hardware, OS, software, networking, database connectivity and reporting and communication protocols (Phillips, 2006). Furthermore, the use of the system with better specification is essential.

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Summary of Hardware and Software Required

The proposed CCTV surveillance system will utilize open and standard systems in its management architecture aiming at providing high quality surveillance image recording quality. The system will need a multiple waterproof weatherproof dome cameras, servers, decoders, encoder’s backup boxes, workstation and a wireless network adapter (Von Silva-Tarouca Larsen, 2011). In addition, video surveillance software will be essential in order to ease the management of surveillance architecture. Furthermore, the digital video surveillance software will make it possible to display and manage the entire surveillance system. This will include effective coordination of a wide range of supporting devices, such as decoder, encoder cameras and PTZ controllers (Cieszynski, 2003). In addition, the surveillance software will have an inbuilt potential to store decoder, encoder and camera’s configurations.

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Justification of Hardware Requirements

The CCTV system will require several internal dome surveillance cameras with medium resolution. Since the cameras have an in-built in LED infra-red illumination, the cameras will provide images even in complete darkness. The IR range of the camera is 15 meters. The cameras will operate in full color during the normal lighting conditions; however, they will have the potential to revert to monochrome mode when the light levels drop (Cieszynski, 2003). Moreover, digital video recorder will be essential. It will need at least 160 GB hard drive since this will provide a recording for up to 21 days. The unit will need an In-built DVD re-writer for copying the recorded images. Furthermore, the digital video recorder will have a web server included in order to provide live viewing to the remote computer with internet access. A video encoder will be essential in order to convert Analog composite video input into the best quality digital system steam on real time basis (Von Silva-Tarouca Larsen, 2011). The workstation will be required to have a CPU potential of at least Pentium 4 processor 3.4 GHZ with 2 MB cache, and with 2 GB DDR ram memory. Furthermore, it will be required to have an inbuilt 2 Nos for connecting two monitors. The operating system needs to be MS windows OS or the latest versions of Linux. This will ensure that the system offers high-speed video processing potential (Kruegle, 2007).

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Justification of Software Requirements

Digital video surveillance application software will be used to manage the entire surveillance system. EyeLine video surveillance software will be utilized since it is compatible with windows and camera that have windows drive, networked IP cameras and USB cameras (, 2014). EyeLine video surveillance software will provide support flexible 1/2/4 window splits screen display mode or scroll mode on the PC monitor. The software will also control all installed cameras aspects, such as color, focus, preset and video tour selection. EyeLine video surveillance software is preferable for use because it records multiple cameras simultaneously, and it is easy to set up each camera (, 2014). Furthermore, the software has motion detection and only records when something is happening, thus saving storage space. Moreover, it is easy to install because it requires fewer system requirements: windows 8, 7, vista or XP O and camera drivers.

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Manufacturer Source Information and Comparison

According to Smith Technical Systems in the UK, the internal Dome camera is built from cast aluminum combined with impact resistant polycarbonate hemisphere that makes it strong for use in a varied range of outdoor and indoor environments (Smith’s Technical Systems, 2014). The camera is built using high-quality technology that is united with inoculation molded optical excellence hemisphere and with more than 36x optical zoom. Furthermore, is has a complete Baxall up-the-coax and multi-protocol telemetry, an aspect that makes it compatible with standard control equipments. Moreover, the camera has sun shield accessory for use in a location with high ambient temperatures and strong sunlight rays. In comparison with Cop Professional CCTV dome cameras, Cop offers high resolution IR dome with a wide angle of focal lens (, 2014). However, although the camera gives a wide coverage, it is quite difficult to change the view to focus more on a single area by simply adjusting the camera. Furthermore, the camera is visually of low key because it uses 2.8 mm lens. In respect to Video surveillance software, EyeLine software from NCH software enables the use to record video from more than 100 camera sources simultaneously (, 2014). It also makes it possible to watch real time footage online or remotely. Furthermore, the record and archive are compressed and saved for later viewing.

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