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Situation Analysis

In the given case, I conducted a SWOT analysis on Kraft Foods Company. The company has been doing well in the foods' company. It stands good chances in selling fast foods because of some of the following reasons.


To start with, Kraft Food Company has a global confectionery in chocolates and sweet foods. This means that they can access clients from all over the world. Kraft foods for that reason raise a high revenue, of around $50 Billion every year, 50% of which comes from fast foods. They have retail shops in 160 countries worldwide, and are the world's number two gum producers. They are also unique in that they deal to boost share value to 5 cents.


Despite the unique strengths that the company has, it also faces several challenges in marketing their products, for example, Kraft foods have a challenge when it comes to introducing new food brands in the market, and to make the situation worse, most of the company relies mostly on the new market for profits maximization. They also have a poor brand image for Cadbury's chocolate.  Kraft Foods Company also faces low levels of growth in USA. They also face challenged stock performance in the stock market. They also face stiff competition from Nestle and Hershey.

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Kraft Foods have the advantage that the chocolate demand is growing day by day because Cadburys is opening up new retails in new markets, and this is one area they have majored on most. They can therefore maximize in that area. Generally, they operate in a fast growing market, especially in the organic food products and chocolates.


As earlier noted, Kraft foods company faces a major competition from Nestle SA and Hershey. Many stockholders are therefore unhappy with the company's perform. The British market also is not in much preference of Cadbury. Marketing the product there will therefore be challenging. They also face a task in opening up to new markets, therefore slows down their growth and expansion capability. Going by the analysis therefore, if the company works on marketing Cadbury and penetrating in the unexploited markets, they stand high chances of sales.

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