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The Cultural Diversity

This article written by Englekirk and Marín highlights on the cultural diversity found in America. The article centers on the Mexican Americans and they way they have struggled to propagate their culture in the Americans society. The authors look into the history of the Mexican Americans and the way they endeavored to maintain their Spanish culture in the dynamic American society. The article explains the strained relationships that existed before and after Mexico became part of the United States. The absorption of Mexican Americans into the American society was faced with a lot of challenges as pointed out in this article.

Unlike in the Mexican origin, the American society apparently used English language in many areas that the authors state to have caused some sort of discomfort to the Mexican Americans. The Mexican Americans made every effort to ensure that they retained their Spanish culture and language although the challenge was overwhelming as time went by. Their predisposition to Spanish language and culture alienated them form the bigger American society. Their exploration of America was also limited as they could only work with people with a more or less similar heritage to theirs. Thus, it is clear that learning English and being assimilated into the American culture would create great opportunities for them. However, the 20th century saw a twist of things amongst the second and third generations of the Mexicans as they wanted to explore and diversify their career. Learning English was thus unavoidable at this stage. The use of Spanish language outside classrooms was a disadvantage to them and they finally chose to use English all through. This article is important in highlighting on how important it is for anyone longing to be an American citizen to learn English.

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Laubeova looks at the entire aspect of America being a melting pot for people’s culture and language. The article discusses the concept of assimilation and multiculturalism found in the American society. The melting pot theory has completely eliminated the concept of multiculturalism and presents it as a limitation for any group of people who want to travel to the United States. The article gives a chronological account of the history of the melting pot and why it was important for many immigrants seeking opportunities in the United States.

The author further looks at current developments of the melting pot that has been inspired by the use of one common language. The “English only” movement apparently is presented as the only way through which immigrants will successfully make use of the opportunities found in American soil. In this article, there is restricted emphasis on individual heritage and argument against the existence of many cultures in the American society. Other related policies like bilingual education seem to receive less support as English is presented as the only language that would maximally work for any person living in the United States.The article explores on the subject of integration into the American society that will be important in conducting this research.

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This United States government info article stresses on the plans that have been put in place to implement changes after a long time in the history of the United States concerning applications made by people to become citizens of the United States. English seems to be one of the main items in the tests offered to any person wishing to travel and become a citizen of the United States.

Generally, English is a fundamental requirement as stated in this article for any person who wishes to be a citizen of the United States. Any person to the United States will definitely be required to have a basic comprehension of the English language. It is a requirement and therefore people must demonstrate a good basic mastery of the language. This is tested both in speaking, reading and writing.

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This article shows how important English language will be for any person with ambitions of becoming an American citizen. It is apparently a very important language to the United States. Although America has no declared national language, the country’s predisposition to English would be a disadvantage to any person reluctant to learn the English language while at the same time having ambitions of becoming an American citizen. This is an important source as it presents the role English plays in the making of an American citizen.

This article highlights on the culture, language, etiquette and the customs of the people of America. It begins by declaring that there is no official language of the United States. However, it asserts that English is the widely spoken language in the United States by almost 82% of America’s population. The English speakers use it as their native language and therefore the language seems to have played a very significant role in the integration process of the people in the United States. Well, there are other languages spoken in the United States like Spanish but English is superior to them all.

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Although the article does not take an assertive position in the need for people wishing to become American citizens to learn English, it is undoubtedly important to do so because English is used in almost every corner of the United States of America. This article gives a recipe of any immigrant to the United States of the kind of communication that is likely to become part of their life.

The other values of culture, customs and etiquette expressed in the article depict an integration scenario that is likely to be influenced by the English language. The English language plays a significant role to the success of any American citizen. Apparently, it is definitely a prudent idea for anyone wishing to obtain citizenship in America to learn speaking English well and adopt American lifestyles so as to fit in within the American culture.

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The article summarizes by highlighting on the way the assimilation process and the need for English could help any person traveling to the United States. Immigration into the United States and the successful pursuit of the valued American dream appears to be the main reason why learning English would be important for a person to become an American citizen.

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