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The Poem Reading Poetry

I have come to realize that that poetry while acting as a mode of expression is not meant to be the monologue involving the poet only. However, it ought to rely on the triadic relationship between the poet, the poem as well as the reader. Each of these components do work together to achieve an insight into the true nature about the connection that prevails among things in nature and specifically in life. While the poet presents the ideas in a concrete manner hence coming up with the shape of the poem, the reader freely elaborates this form in order to derive the meaning. This, in actual sense is the meaning of poetry. The analysis of the poem below shall therefore seek to back up the argument presented above and the main approach shall involve examining a key theme in the poem in a bid to deduce the connection between the three elements outlined above.

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The poem Reading Poetry was written by Ann Swir, a famous Polish Poet who lived between 1906 and 1984.At the beginning of the poem, the reader is introduced to the narrator’s situation. She is curled into a ball and compares herself to a dog that is feeling cold. The question evident in the second line of the second stanza clearly brings out the anxiety and curiosity that clouds the narrator’s mind. The phone then rings and this reminds the narrator that she ought to give a poetry reading. She enters the place and finds a curious crowd. The narrator’s audience comprises individuals who are all eager to hear from her and consequently get an answer to the questions; why were they born and why there is this monstrosity called life?

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By carefully analyzing the contents that comprise every single line of the poem, one is able to interact with the poet’s main ideas and what she intends to communicate to the readers from the very beginning. Right from the first line, a vivid picture of the poet’s lamentation about the complexities surrounding life is effectively created. In line with this, it is possible to deduce that the main theme of the poem is the theme of the complex nature of life and the struggles that individuals go through in a bid to solve the tricky puzzle of this unique phenomena called life.

In this poem Anna depicts life as full of many unanswered questions hence making it such a complex experience, she writes; “…who will tell me why I was born, why this monstrosity called life?” In this case, the poet effectively applies the use of imagery to depict the monstrous nature of life. Because of the frustration that has almost become a common function of life, some individuals are actually regretting why they were born. Ann says “I’m curled into a ball like a dog that is cold” a fact which not only depicts the frustrations surrounding life but automatically births pity in the reader hence winning most of their attention.

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One very clear aspect as depicted by the poet is the fact that the anxiety and curiosity to have a deeper understanding of the meaning of life has not engulfed just one individual but each person in life. In other words, it is not only the narrator who desires to know why she was born, no, even her very audience, “…a hundred people with a hundred pairs of eyes.” According to the narrator/the poet, these people are anxiously looking and are waiting to hear from her. They not only want to know why they were born but they equally are eager to know, “…why there is this monstrosity called life.

In this outstanding piece of work, the poet gets to make a very effective use of language and stylistic approaches in order to develop a link between her and the readers. Achieving a connection between the poet, poem and the reader brings out the whole meaning of poetry hence once this fails then the fraternity gets a totally different meaning all together. Using the dominant theme as the main point of connection, the poet in the above case manages not only to grip the attention of her audience in an effective manner but also convey her ideas in a simple and understandable manner.

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