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Time Theft


This articles look into how employees in various places do not utilize the time they have for the benefit of the organization. These types of employees are regarded to as carrying out time theft in the company.  It also shows how various organizations have been struggling to deal with many unethical behaviors in the work place yet they have not been able to handle time theft which is one of the most significant unethical conducts in the workplaces. The article also addresses various issues for example mind-sets, social demands and supposed control and how they lead to time theft.

Time theft

 Time theft according to this article has been defined as that time that the employees take without working yet it  is considered a working hour. Time theft is categorized in various ways; it involves late arrival to the work place and leaving before the scheduled time, taking unnecessary breaks among others. Time theft has been seen to be costly to the company. It has adverse effects on both the company and its employees. The article emphasizes the importance of studying time theft so as to be able to make decisions on various issues related to time theft. The research carried out in the past has been criticized for its failure to outline some predictors of time theft.

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Predictors of time theft

The theory of planned behavior has been identified as being in a position to identify various predictors of time theft and some processes that makes the employees in various organizations to carry on with time theft. This theory explains that the actions of individuals have more strength in determining whether an individual will carry out an action. This theory points out attitude, social pressure and supposed control as the predicting time theft (Ajzen 180).


Attitude according to the planned theory has been defined as an affective thought about a certain behavior. The attitude that an individual possess has been found to be a strong determinant of the outcome of a certain action. For example if one has negative attitude on lateness he or she may avoid being late. The employees’ attitude towards time theft has a great role to play in determining whether they are likely to engage in the act or not (Ajzen & Fishbein 79).

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Social pressures

In this article, the norms be it in the family, society or within the group that an individual belongs, forms part of the social pressures that may encourage or discourage an individual to engage in a certain behavior. Time theft in an organization occurs only if a group agrees with the idea.

Perceived behavior control

This has been found to be another predictor of behavioral intentions. This refers to the feeling an individual has concerning how easy or how hard it may be to engage in a certain task. The control that an individual talks of is that which is obtained from a past experience (Beck & Ajzen 295).


This talks of the motivation that an individual has which gives him or her strength to carry on with a task. These intentions are subject to change due to the acquisition of new knowledge. As per the descriptive statistics and correlations, the above factors such as the attitude, intention among other variables, indicates that there is positive relationship of time theft and the time actually time theft (Bennett & Robinson 352).

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The ultimate conclusion is that the organizations should come up with the appropriate outcome of the duration of the time theft in relations to the costs so as to strategies on how it can be avoided. The organization need to have a clear knowledge on how this can be avoided and on how to understand the employees. These unethical actions of the employees can easily be predetermined hence there will be better techniques which will be developed to curb the situation.

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