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War of Sexes: Language

The film under consideration is titled “War of Sexes: Language” and highlights the essence of differences in the language usage between men and women. In fact, men and women were created different by the nature for a reason. The differences can be vividly observed both in physical and mental ways. Obviously, many exceptions from the gender-based behavioral patterns can be observed in both sexes; however, in general, women historically receive and process information differently from men. The most interesting gender differences can be seen in using the language, which was presented in the film by a small experiment with dividing participants into two groups. In addition to showing the results of the experiment, all the main and the most interesting points were followed by explanatory commentaries from the experts. In order to cover issues that determine the diversity in using language, the content of the film should be considered more closely.

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Indeed, both genders typically use the same language in different ways despite the fact that they possess the same vocabulary and the same knowledge in linguistics. Some people may think that this issue is determined only by the cultural and environmental aspects. At some point, nurture truly affects the use of language; however, this influence is always insignificant, because different countries have different environments and cultures, but behavioral patterns of men and women imply many similar features. On the other hand, biological factors are more likely to be responsible for the way a male or a female processes information and uses language. In fact, nearly every aspect of our behavior is determined by the nature; both the women’s inclination to words and the men’s disposition to actions are based on the biology of the brain. The film shows the results of researches involving monkeys and their preferences in toys, which also highlights the role of biology in social behavior and language usage.

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The studies mentioned in the film point that hormones are responsible for language differences as a biological factor. Indeed, hormones are responsible for many things including brain formation; however, I would like to add genetics to the link hormone-brain-language. Genetics and the evolution process also influence many behavioral aspects. For example, the reason why women can multitask (listen and speak at the same time) can be found in the history of humankind when ancient people had lived in an unfriendly environment and women had to keep an eye on children, cook meal, and watch if there is a vermin nearby all at the same time. Since the ancient times, women did not change their role in the family circle significantly as they still raise children, cook meal, etc. more often than men. On the other hand, the reason for men’s common inability to carry out few tasks simultaneously is also historically determined, because they had to hunt to feed the entire family, and hunting animals requires full concentration. To the present day, men are typically the main breadwinners in their families in the vast majority of countries. Therefore, present males’ and females’ brain activity is conditioned by their historical roles and genetics.

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In general, the differences between the use of language are always defined by a balanced combination of nature and nurture, in which nature has more influence. Today, the world and social roles are changing faster than they were even few years ago. Thus, in many modern families, men and women have identical or reversed roles. Even though the film is already few years old, it still mirrors general behavioral pattern in communication and using language in general. Communication between males and females definitely started to change; however, the time period is yet rather small for dramatic changes.

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