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Women in Sport

Women's soccer has had an extraordinary genesis in the United States. As the 21st century starts, the US gets itself as possibly the top country in the planet for women's soccer, both in terms of international contest and participation. Yet, women's soccer started off to a moderately late beginning in this country. Women's leagues subsisted in Europe as far back as 1930, and international contests date back to the 1950s. In the US, however, structured women's soccer did not take cause until the late 1970s, and even this was partially an outcome of the Title IX legislation of 1972 commanding gender impartiality in education. Varsity college squads began to spread near the beginning of 1980s, and a nationalized squad was only instituted in 1985. The initial national women's league did not commence until 1995, and it was not until 2001 that the first specialized women's league made its first appearance.(1) But when women's soccer finally took off in the US, it was with a revenge, fueled by vast participation at the amateur and youth levels, rapidly growing awareness by mainstream media and sports fans, and the growing reception of women's sports in general. After Olympic gold and silver medals and two World Cup titles, the US controls the world in the women's game, leading the line of attack as it takes a root all through the rest of the world, with all the cultural insinuations that follow. (2)

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There are many benefits of playing soccer, and these range from health to social benefits. The physical benefits include the following; Muscle strength: Soccer is great for the general muscle tenor as it is a game of continuous movement which keeps muscles occupied over long periods of time. Chasing the challenger, jumping for headers, and blasting the ball for a goal, are all exercises that build muscles in the legs. Bone strength: Regular sessions of high-impact exercise like soccer puts pressure on the bones which can help boost bones. Studies have revealed that women who participate in weight-bearing exercises such as playing soccer helps build up and sustain strong, healthy bones and helps prevent osteoporosis later on in life.(3) Weight loss: A 45 minute game of soccer almost certainly burns about 350 calories. It also increases metabolism so one will also keep using extra calories for 48 hours after the game because the metabolic speed stays higher. Participation in soccer provides chances for socialization and leadership, as well as the expansion of skills for managing success and failure. Soccer also helps in increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, improved body image, important experiences of capability and success, as well as abridged risk of chronic disease. Soccer also offers a unique arena in which women can successfully apply their talents.(4)

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Women soccer in the US has been managed and coached by different people. Of particular note is April Heinrichs who was the first woman player to be included into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. She played for the national team from 1986 - 1991 scoring 37 international goals and playing 47 international caps. She was the coach between 2000 and 2005. The Women's Professional Soccer CEO is a woman named Tonya Antonucci. The WPS replaced the defunct Women's United Soccer Association, WUSA in managing soccer in the United States. Asked whether there are stereotypical ideas that limit a woman's progress in soccer, Tonya said that women were frequently isolated involuntarily in different types of sports specifically targeted for them. She also went on to say that the value placed on women's sports was often lower, resulting in inadequate resources and unequal wages.(5)

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