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Work Together as a Team

Kelly’s assumption on the Scanner project were: Practicing quality checks on the process of developing the new scanner was crucial, minding about the money to be spent in the project and time limits was not necessary since the project was likely to yield better fruits for the company, with implementing the project, product development process would not be completed by the end of the company’s financial year, the company’s future financial position would be affected and  with the new project development, the company’s image would be tarnished and thus it was not advisable to use the amount of sales made to evaluate it’s worth.

Pat assumed that: Creating a totally new product was better than developing an existing one, the company would enjoy more benefits if the project was completed in an year, the 15% of the company’s budget which would be spent on the project would not have a significant effect on the project development, the project would be over by the end of the company’s financial year, there were limited available resources and time and finally benefits of outsourcing labor outweighed it’s costs.

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Cliff assumed that:  The 15% reduction in the company’s budget did not significantly affect the product being taken into the market and thus the product would be completed in a year and the expenditure on the project would be $400 and not $575. This amounted to a 30% decrease.

Chris believed that there was a need to introduce the new technology into new markets in order to attract a bigger share of the market, there would be an added advantage if the product was introduced to the market by the end of the year in order to counter act competitors intentions.

Cliff advocated for budget reduction since the expected mid-year revenue seemed unreliable, reduction in expenses so that the company could still stand in the face of its competitors and launching of the new product in the market by the end of the year. Chris believed in team spirit unlike Pat. Kelly believed that success of the project did not depend on resource availability and time was not a limitation.

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Cliff’s arguments were logical but unsound. According to him it was possible to complete a project within a year in order to enjoy it benefits as quickly as possible but then the process of new product development required a lot of capital expenditure. Chris was sound, logical but emotional. He embraced team building and spirit which were crucial for the success of the project. Despite this, he took matters very personal. Pat’s arguments were unsound and emotional. She took matters on her own hands, did not involve the rest in her research and quickly jumped into her own conclusion. Kelly’s arguments were sound but emotional.

The assumption that the product would not hit the market by the end of the year and that the company would still have its share of the market was a fallacy since the company’s market share could be overtaken by other competitors. This assumption was Kelly’s. Cliff, Kelly and Pat did not put into consideration that the competitor could also be working on a similar product. The assumption by Cliff, Pat and Chris that the product would be ready for the market was a fallacy since there were no evident evaluations whether or not this would be possible. According to Chris, Optimizer was better than the competitor’s product. This was a fallacy.

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Problems such as lack of a proper communication network and lack of togetherness in developing ideas were evident. In order to overcome the above problems the affected parties needed to communicate with each other and exchange information which would boost their self esteem.

The general problem which affected the company was lack of communication and sharing of ideas. This arose when Pat came up with an idea and developed it without even involving the others. The best thing would have been for Pat to call the heads of other departments, explain to them the idea and together they implement it. Alternatively, he would have divided the task among all the heads of department and assign different tasks to different heads of department.

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Working together on the project would have encouraged use of a wide range of skills. Despite this, the process would have been time-consuming. Division of labor would have encouraged specialization although boredom at workplace would be evident. I would recommend the CEO to apply the second solution. This way, the task of developing the Optimizer would be less time and resource-consuming. More so, the product would have been delivered to the market in time.

Part Two- Executive summary

Product marketing and development keeps changing from time to time in a bid to meet the frequently changing demands.

This document tries to analyze the problem faced by Acuscan while undertaking the process of new product development (Optimizer). It gives in details the difficulties and challenges that the CEO had to experience in the whole process and they included poor communication network process and lack of team spirit among the various head of departments. Pat had a great product concept but he did a mistake by not involving the rest of the members in implementing it. He made baseless assumption on the effects of the project on the total company’s budget; for instance he assumed and concluded that the amount to be invested in the project development would not significantly affect the company’s financial position. More so, he used the wrong means of communicating his ideas to the rest. The company requires a detailed strategy to ensure that its revenue does not diminish from customer dissatisfaction due to such mistakes and at the same time experience brand recognition. Good revenues can be achieved by making sure the company maintains its integrity and high performance levels all the time. The company does not compromise on the level of its product quality; it is therefore focused on customer satisfaction and growth. Compromising the product quality leaves the consumers no choice but to purchase from competitors who have superior brands that cater to the customers’ needs. The company has therefore been trying to cater to their customer needs and increase the number of times each customer frequents the store; this is a clear indication of what position the product holds in the market. With the new products that the company has, its focus should be to get new customers from the competitors; this is a strategy that aims at boosting the sales revenue of the company. The market is however full of competitors that come up with different products every other day therefore the company should be considerably aggressive when dealing with the competitors. This is because all companies similar to AcuScan are all aiming for the same customer base; this in turn leads to saturation that may make the company lose their customers. The company understands that one has to spend money in order to make money; therefore the company should focus on research on development so as to come up with a new product that will conquer the market. Customer satisfaction should be given a priority because when the customers like the new product they will buy it. This will increase the company sales so in the long run the amount spent in the product development will be recovered plus profits.

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Besides trying to penetrate the new market the company also focuses on maintaining the already existing clients that include banks, government offices, and contractors among others. Changes in technology have been the main reason why the world is changing so fast; to satisfy the growing customer demands the company continues to invest in technology development and advancement. In order to place the company at a better position compared to other companies in terms of technology; the company has invested in maintaining its existing machines as well as acquiring new one.

Working together as a team also promotes growth and cohesion between departments; this leads to overall increase in the company turn over that is an effect of employee cooperation and integration. Disagreements among employees have costed the company a lot because the employees don’t work together; this has resulted in broken work flows caused by lack of communication. The employees have made numerous accusations against each other that have led to time wastage and overall loss to the company caused by the friction between departments. Working together as a team leads to company growth because sharing of ideas between employees leads to innovation which in turn generates new and improved products. Time and resources should also be well managed because they are the most important and costly aspects in production; mismanaging them may cause the company huge losses that it may not recover from.

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All the above issues should be put into serious consideration to enable the company to grow and beat its competitors who get better by day.

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