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20th Century Art

The reclining painting shows a woman who is offering herself for sexual pleasures and yet she seems modest in her own standards. She may not be a straight woman but she has some pride in her. It can be seen in her facial expressions that she is not so eager for any pleasures that may come by.

Manet is bolder than Ingres in exposing his sexuality and nudity. He paints a woman who is entirely naked with only the hand covering her pubic. The breasts are exposed and her face shows confidence. It is also worth mentioning that the painting has so much sexual appeal because the woman is on the bed. The work was meant to critique the perception of the French on prostitutes, and the lifestyle of the French in matters concerning prostitution. He creates a figure that attracts the observer to an imaginary knowledge brought about by the nudity.

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Cézanne went back to the theme of Manet and came up with the modern Olympia where nudity seems to play a major role. The woman is unclothed by her black servant and the painting shows her hanging strangely in midair with a man sitting and watching. There is an indication of a curtain and these makes the whole image look like a theatrical performance. The importance of nudity in the painting was to indicate the social degradation that was taking place in the society. It is more enhanced by the presence of the black servant.

Degas was educated in modern schools and here he learned the importance of lines and curves. This shaped his future as a painter. Additionally, he was influenced by frescos and paintings he saw in galleries and museums. These are two main influences that led him to develop his own style, the independent. The rehearsal is one piece of art that has all these influences incorporated to come up with a splendid creation.

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The main contribution that was brought about by the creation of the Paul Cézanne, Still Life with Basket of Apples, was a creation of a wholly balanced form with some of the components in the entire painting being imbalanced. Some of these products that are imbalanced include fruits which are unique in their own standards and the bottle that is tilted to create the imbalance. Before Cézanne, artists created balanced by using images in motion.

The Pablo Picasso Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was controversial but it was the basis of the foundation of cubism. It is his work that influenced painters such as Braque.

Braque used Picasso’s new style and modified it. He made Le Portuguese which consisted of images made with clear cut cubes and a whole complete illustration was produced. This is a great style that was born in the 2th century and which many artists at the time emulated. Picassos’ bottle of Suze also contributed a lot to the development of art in the 20th century. It helped artists to make another breakthrough from cubism to a kind of impressionism where they used different materials cut in cubes to come up with an image.

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The main similarity between the two images is the dimensions used. They are perfect and measured to the point. However, the painting is a two dimension while the house is in 3D. This is the main noticeable difference. It is possible that the painting is an outline of the interior, and thus a bird’s eye view for the 3D image.

Guerilla girls are women feminists who were fighting the use of art to discredit women and sexism in art. They seek to have a society where equality for men and women in visual arts exist.

The painting of Narrative of Negress and that of the dancing towers could credit the makers as 21st century avant garde artists. The Narrative of Negress has the depth in the ocean quite visible and the distance as well can be made out. In fact, the painting resembles 3D although in essence it is 2D. It creates an imagination of 3D. The dancing towers, on the other hand are well crafted with great imagination and creativity. One can imagine a shape of the cactus being cut out to make the building.

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