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The Downfall of Macbeth

In the play "The Tragedy of Macbeth", also commonly called the Macbeth, William Shakespeare majors on the regicide (deliberate killing of a monarch, or the person responsible for the killing of a monarch) and the resultant aftermath. According to the tradition in Britain, regicide can also be defined as the judicial execution of a king, of course after a precise and due law process. Macbeths' story as is being told by Shakespeare has no clear relationship to the history of Scotland (many people and scholars claim that the setting of the book is in Scotland) sine the persona, Macbeth was but a monarch who was able and admired by many. However it is a ply in itself that has attracted very many world readers and more so being done in most of the worlds' education systems.

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This scene in the play in itself is about Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth welcoming their guests, Ross, Lennox, the lords and the attendants to their royal banquet at the royal palace definitely. It happens that Banquo is missing at this banquet. Later on it occurs that Macbeth learns, by hearing, from the first murderer that Fleance escaped dead though "unluckily" enough, Banquo died. as we progress with the act, the ghost of the just killed Banquo appears in the room among Macbeth's where these banquet is being prepared and its only Macbeth who can see it, though the wife lady Macbeth suspects there must be something with the husband and keeps it to herself at least to cover up for him. Finally, no sooner are Macbeths visitor's gone than he tells the wife, Lady Macbeth that he was to embark on the task of knowing the main reason as to why Macduff did not in this case attend the banquet he had prepared. In addition, he says, suggestively that he was intending o shed more and more blood and even go a further step to talk to the witches another time.

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This scene brings on board nearly all characters of the whole play bringing about an almost regular representation of the characters. It can easily be noted that it is majorly only king Duncan's, Macduff's family, the key leaders not represented. The Scottish thanes, attendants are represented in this banquet too. It is seen in this case that it is only Macbeth aware of the totality of the action on this scene. This makes the guests invited at this banquet act in a way that they are totally unaware of the presence of the ghost of Banquo I this place. Lady Macbeth is also in the darkness but cleverly plays her cards to at least bring out the best side of the husband. The action of Lennox trying to notify Macbeth of the "empty" seat near him clearly brings out the division of vision in this scenario. Normally it seems as though each one of them knows where they are supposed to seat in such an occasion as is seen when Macbeth invites them all at the table and the expected seat left vacant in this case. In the general case, the seating arrangement would be that people sit according to their social class, rank and status. This was not an exception too.

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A discourse according to the free online dictionary by Farlex is a formal, lengthy discussion of a given subject, either written or spoken. It can also mean in another different setting a verbal expression in speech or writing. They are so prevalent in this scene. A very clear instance is where they try to tell Macbeth to sit on the empty seat. It takes them long talking about this because Macbeth tries his level best to make sure that the other people at the table do not sense that he might be speaking to a ghost and tries to use words that no one seems to understand ;

Here had we now our country's honour roof'd,

Were the graced person of our Banquo present;

In addition, Lady Macbeth takes time to cover it up for her husband who in her eyes seems to be out of mind. The language she uses, for example

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Sit, worthy friends: my lord is often thus,

And hath been from his youth: pray you, keep seat;

Macbeth believes that a ghost can not fight him and that's why with some fear he tells the ghost to brace for a fight. Furthermore the other audience is clearly convinced that this might be the character of Macbeth as is being claimed by the wife as many people know that most of the secrets of a man are known to the wife. On the contrary, the lack of surety of what might be wrong with the husband makes Lady Macbeth not speak for her husband with finality. She on the good side of her portrays the character of an ideal woman who will at all costs protect her husband no matter the cost. Lennox on his side can not really talk much on this table as he can not just understand what went sour for his friend because he is not joining them on the table as expected but is always not in the banquet.

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