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Children and Art

Realism: this stage denotes the want of the child to send messages through the use of more realistic figures. At the age of eight to ten, children are already aware of the actual features of a particular matter and would thus want to imply the important elemental factors of such matters into their presentations. Being able to do so is believed to have a great impact on the process by which the children try to use the forms and colors altogether to create their own images more realistic and more believable. It is through this stage that they become more meticulous in assessing their own art work. Apparently, simply being able to send a message or posting their thoughts in paper and visual images is not enough anymore. Children of the said age are now more concerned as to what others would say about the forms of their drawing. They are now more specific in picking the right colors [some might not even want too much color in their art anymore] and hues that would give life to their creations. It is certainly then through this stage that the realization of real art becomes more specifically intact in the minds of the young artists.

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Through understanding these different developmental stages of child art, it could be observed that rather than simply being able to scribble, a child becomes much able to realize the importance of art in his life. Through the years of maturity, a young individual is then able to realize the fact that art is an expression of meaning and a presentation of reality. It is through these developmental stages of child art that the personal realization of a child could be honed hence making an emphasis on the ways by which he is able to express himself through the different forms and color combinations that he uses as he creates the images he wants to present through his art.

Believably, from simple scribbling towards implicative drawing, a child becomes more and more aware that the reality of the image he creates affects the message that he wants to portray. The creative use of symbolism in an art becomes a huge part of every artistic work of a child as they come to an age of understanding and an age of evaluative art when they themselves are able to not eh importance of keeping things realistic and meaningful for all the other people to whom they want to dedicate their creation.

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Realization comes with age and understanding comes with experience. This is the true sense of child art. It could not be denied that artistry is one of the oldest yet still considered as the finest and most influential form of language that people use around the world today (Kleiner, 2004, 77). Unlike spoken language, art is a form of mind speech that opens up the eyes and the hearts of many without the use of any word making every race somehow connected through the colors and lines used in a particular artistic creation. (Arnold, et al, 2003, 56)

The children are no exemption to the ones who are able to create fantastic forms through art. Young as they are they are not separated from the older generation who could create are; as older ones would be able to learn from the best thoughts about life as understood by the younger generation. True, through the discussion of the different stages noted through this paper, it could be observed that from simple scribbling to a more meaningful presentation of forms and lines, child art could make a huge implicative matter that would help the world see the reality through the innocent eyes and young minds of young artists today.

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