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Tempe Festival of the Arts

Temple festival of the Arts is an Art show held at Mill Avenue near Arizona State University. During this occasion, the venue is usually closed to traffic to provide necessary environment for the event. The festival runs for three consecutive days and its live music sites and 400 art booths are known to draw up to 250000 guests. A top artist is chosen from applicants all over the country from 18 different categories by a jury of local artists. Guests are admitted free of charge get to enjoy variety of dining alternatives provided by restaurants and bars at the venue. For the purpose of this paper, I have chosen to describe Michael Ezzell's art show which is just one among many at the festival. As an artist, Michael utilizes past secrets to produce sculpt art for the future. Michael's extraordinary knowledge of ceramics has helped him to generate a variety of arts including oriental sculptures, whimsical and Indian earthenware.

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Michael Ezzell- Spring 2008

Michael, a former athlete with passion for clay works, took time to travel to Bornholm in the Baltic sea just to study the secrets on how to make the most fine porcelain and software. It is then that he learned of the ancient methods of ceramic creation where kick-wheels and wood burning kilns were used. Later, he travelled continents over, in his efforts to discover ceramic secrets. Michael Ezzell has been in the artwork for nearly 40 years. He utilizes metal patina to create his ceramic sculpture, based on various processes he came across during his study mission. He is able to generate unique thrown pieces with unique characteristics. These comprise of copper, steel and bronze metal finishes, aged with an acid wash.

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Michael's Apocalyptic Fish became the most inspirational art show for all marketing and promotional materials in the 2008 Spring Tempe Festival of the Arts. His Redemption Fish is included in the permanent Featured Artist Gallery, in the District offices of Mill Avenue and is displayed 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

As I conclude, let me disclose for a fact, that my favorite artwork is painting. This is because painting helps me perceive a memory, thought or idea, which basically is the underlying purpose of any art.

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