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Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle

If more or less NADH is produced when artificial sweetners are added to yeast extracts; specifically looking at glycerol, galactose, sucralose, sorbitol, stevioside compared to eacher other and compared to glucose and malate; Do artifical sweetners produce more NADH than glucose/malate? if yes why, if not why not? Briefly describe how is information significant, how can it be applied and possible future studies.

NADH is considered to be one of the most important substances that contribute to fast and effective metabolism. Through the presence of NADH, metabolism becomes highly affective on the process of reducing or breaking down the food nutrients towards the productive and functional elements that would bring about healthful developments to human body. The process of breaking down the nutrients and fuelling up of metabolism happens as the diagram suggests below:

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Through this diagrams, it could be noted that the existence of NADH allows the metabolism electrons to be energized thus pushing through with the process hence implicating that fact that in future researches, this information could be used to help the food manufacturers using artificial sweeteners in their food products identify the necessary elements needed to be implicated within the products as they are planned to be distributed to the market thus protecting profits while protecting the health of the people.

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