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Yolanda Lopes and Barbara Kruger

Art is an expression. This is a regular line that most artists hold unto to be able to find the most expressive process by which they could share their thoughts and utmost creativity to the world. Yes, art is an expression of thoughts and opinions of the artists towards the truths that binds the entire human society. This is indeed particularly seen within the works of two women artists known as Yolanda Lopes and Barbara Kruger who both belong in their own era and concentration of issue with regards the art that they aim to present to the human society. These particular presentations are likely used to assess the probabilities in assuring that message of such artistic works would be given careful consideration with regards the meanings that they have in connection with the society that they are trying to picture.

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At the present, the contemporary society has offered many different forms of exemplification and abstraction of the humanistic aspect of the society in the form of what is generally known as art. The said manifestations of the artistic nature of the people is viewed by many to be of no value as they do not coincide or agree with the principal guidelines of artistic consideration. On the other hand, other groups in the society claim the other way around. This difference in the interpretation and view about the concrete manifestations of the abstract values of the people produces conflict of opinions in the artistic aspect of the humanity. In this spectacle of social ambiguity that the book of Cynthia Freeland entitled “But is it Art” appeals most.

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The book by Freeland generally perceives the contemporary artistic manifestations to be examples of the modern artistic vision of the society as related with their new norms and social values. By exemplifying and analyzing different art forms in the modern society, Freeland claims that the modern manifestations of the humanistic aspect of the society is still considerably within the principles of artwork and are all appreciable in their own aspects. By also considering the different changes and advancement in the social development, she also claims that the principles of the old art forms are not excluded by the present society but instead made more vivid and artistic with the expansion beyond their past boundaries.

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The book of Freeland considers different aspects of the present art form in relation to the dominant social values and cultures each discussed sufficiently and intrinsically in the book. By this analysis and with incorporation of different ideas from other art critic, Freeland has developed a concept in her book describing the present mediums and manifestations of the humanistic aspect of the present society to be within the classification of art in their own definition of artistic representation and expression.

In connection with the book of Freeland, the works of Yolanda and Barbara are considered by many of their audiences as fine representation of the human individuals that they are trying to mirror in their works. Yolanda Lopez being a feminist was naturally able to find the most important procedure that could be used to present what she naturally believes about women. In her work Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe, Lopez was able to find the most effective process that makes it better for the viewers to see the element of womanhood and the power that the feminine member of the society actually has towards the major issues that conforms their side of the gender.

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Through the use of symbolism, Lopez was able to imply the different powers that women has amidst the supposed weakness that the feminine population may have been subjected to during the past centuries of human understanding of the role of women in the human society. The art work naturally gives a clear view on how women should be seen and recognized by the entire human population. Believably, this particular piece gives a clear depiction on how Lopez wants the people to see the realities behind woman hood. A running woman passing through or actually stepping on a lying man as she passes by creates an idea of woman power that directly outwits whatever power the men may have in the society. As the artist holds a snake and cape while she runs, the image continues to portray control and undeniable pursuits towards victory that has been the main struggle of women during the first century as they fight for their rights as humans and as members of the society. Women back then up until now believe that if given the right chance, they could do more and they could do better towards the role given to them in the society. With this particular theme in mind and since feminism is the main idea that governs the art work, the implicative manner by which it is considered as an important presentation of womanhood is mainly recognized as one of its most important features in connection to art and the meaning that it carries.

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Meanwhile, Barbara Kruger’s work is based upon the immense emotions that govern women when they are in a state of emotional despair. How is this truth particularly proven through the artwork created by Kruger? As seen from the palate of Kruger’s work, she used the different elements that are directly known to human individuals. These elements made the entire work more radiant and rather direct to the point with regards the message that it aims to present to the artist’s audience.

Through the use of the effects of shattered glass and a crying woman whose face was all over the shattered pieces of the mirror, Kruger was able to ensure that the attention of the viewers would be captured through the said piece of art. Seeing how the entire artwork uses the actual pieces of elements that could easily be understood by the human individuals at present, it could be assured that the postmodern procedures of artistry utilized by Kruger was indeed effective and attractive enough to show the real meaning of the said piece of art.

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Yes, as based from the reading of Freeland, many artists take the different approaches that they know would be much effective in presenting the thoughts that they have with regards modern and classical art depending on the kind of issue or message that they would like to portray through their creative pieces of work. Through the works of Kruger and Lopez, it has been observed how the different elements of art and the different approaches of creation that

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