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Moral Decision-Making

Moral Education is a book by Daniel Lapsey. This book explores the topic of moral education in K-12 America’s schools. Basing on a preliminary chapter of history, the book examines the most important topics and distinguished leaders in the field of moral education. It indulges the issues fairly and thoroughly giving a sharp understanding of both the most important and minor themes in the moral education (Power et al., 2007).

The book covers quite a lot subjects concerning moral education. The covered subjects in this book include: character development, counseling, drug and alcohol education, empathy, faith, accelerated Christians education, caring, bullying, cheating, civic education, commitment, democratic schools, honesty, peer influence, honesty, moral agency, justice, friendship, positive psychology, self esteem, violence, virtue ethics, social development, sports, hidden curriculum, responsibility, discipline, respect and generosity.

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The approach in this book is consistent with Lawrence Kohlberg’s thinking and it also teaches acceptance of authority and social rules. This is due to the fact that subjects that are taught in the book cover Kohlberg’s concepts and thinking on the morals teaching. For instance, Lawrence’s thinking on moral teaching was principally concerned with justice that was also considered and taught in the book “Moral Education.”

The entire dissertation of Lawrence on moral development had the major idea as moral reasoning that develops within diverse stages. The subjects that are covered in the moral education book however include all the stages in Kohlberg’s moral reasoning. It is after developing moral reasoning and thinking that one starts to put into practice all the moral behaviors. Things like being generous, becoming disciplined, being friendly, acting responsibly, showing care for others, practicing honesty, being just, socializing with others, respecting other people and learning to counsel others can only be developed after moral reasoning has been gained (Higgins, 1991).

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