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It has been predicted that china will become a dominant global superpower in the near future, even surpassing the United States of America. With a population of almost 1.3 billion people, china has highest population in the world, coupled with the third largest land mass. Statistics further indicate that it is the fastest growing economy in the world achieving an almost 10% annual growth in the last twenty years (Babette et al., 2008.).

An article published in the March issue of Newsweek magazine by Rana Foroohar and Melinda Liu argues that present indicators show that China is headed towards global domination. The article titled “Its China’s World. We’re Just Living in It” (March 14-21) posits that China has reached a point where it is demanding a greater say in world’s affairs. Chinese leaders are now demanding more say in the way things run across the globe. The author of the article presents key indicators which supports the notion that we are now in a Chinese century in which the global might of the Chinese influence is being felt. His first argument is that global multinational institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund had for a long time dominated the global economy and whose policies were shaped by American values. China had very little influence in their affairs. But currently, this is not the case since china now has worldwide clout through which it is using to push harder and play a role in reshaping the global system. In fact, the country is at the forefront of forming its own version of the IMF, bankrolled by its massive foreign exchange reserves and neighbor nations like Japan and South Korea. Economic issues affecting Asia are no longer being hashed out by the US administration but at summits led by china (Chapman., 2006).

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Power dimension (PDI)

In the power distance dimension (PDI) which expresses the degree in which the less powerful members of a society do accept and do expect that power can be distributed equally with Geerts’ assertions and concluded that they the businesses are optimistic that they will be liberated from these chains. The business in some countries do exhibit a high degree of power distance; they tend to accept a placement or rather hierarchical order where everyone has a place that does not need any more clarification.

Individualism verses collectivism (IDV)

The case reflect the presence of the loosely-knit social framework where the individuals are expected to take good care of themselves and their original only which is reverse to collectivism that represents a preference for the tightly knit framework in the society where individuals can expect other people of particular in-group to care for them in exchange of unquestioning loyalty. In this case, the society’s’ dimensional position is reflected on whether the self image of people can be defined as “I” or “WE”. The presence of the two issues does affect the business too in term of the regulated social life.

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Masculinity verses femininity (MAS)

Results also show that the society’s’ achievements, assertiveness, heroism and the material reward for the success are channeled to those in higher families not the entire nationhood. This indicates the competitiveness of the society at large. The opposite of hit is the femininity that implies to the preference for corporation, caring for the weak and quality of life and modesty where the society at large is seen as more consensus-oriented.

Uncertainty avoidance (UAI)

In relation to this, most of the businesses duel in the society did express that their countries and based on the culture and religion, there did not exist any legal ground for a woman to stand and express her dissatisfaction, how the society do feel uncomfortable with the uncertainty and ambiguity. The key issue in this case is how the society deals with the fact the truly the future cannot be known; therefore should try to control it or let it just happen making most of the women to stay in a state of limbo. Counties like Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries within the region which do exhibit strong UAI do maintain the rigid codes of belief and behaviour and are intolerant of some unorthodox behaviors and ideas. These states have weak UAI and they do maintain good attitude where practice counts more than the principles.

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Long-term verses short term orientation (LTO)

Also, findings reveal that these Asian countries are not showing any possibilities of search for the virtue. They do not show the potential in adapting the traditions to the changed conditions with strong desire to save and invest the thriftiness and the perseverance towards achieving the results. Arabic countries can be referred to as short-term orientation and they are seen as normative in their thinking where they do exhibit great respect to traditions with little in mind to save the future and do focus on getting quick results.

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