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Canadian National Railway

The Canadian railway company is ranked among the top hundred in Canada. It was started in 1918. It was formed by joining some railway companies that had gone bankrupt and handed to the Canadian government and others that were owned by the government. It is the biggest railway company in the country. It is big in terms of its rail network and revenue that it generates. It is the only transcontinental railway company in Canada. It owns about 20,400 miles of rail track in eight provinces. Its operations make it an outstanding railway company from the rest.

It was named Canadian national railways between the years 1918 and 1960. It was later given the name Canadian national/canadien national as from 1960 up to this date. It is a public company and has employed 22,000 people and has a market capitalization of $ 29 billion this year. It's in service railway subsidiaries are in Canada, mid America, Atlantic and pacific oceans to the Mexican gulf and North America.

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Keith creel is the chief operations officer. Keith was previously the executive vice president, operations in the Canadian railway company. Canadian national railway company operates a number of different services. The company offers freight train services. More than a half of Canadian national railway freight traffic is in coal, intermodal and grain freight. Much of its profit is made in western Canada. It offers shipment of automobile parts, fertilizers, chemicals, food, forest products and other goods. Of all these goods coal has been the major product that the company transports. The company hauls more than 34 million tons of coal to the western coast every year. This is mainly for export to Japan.

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The company offers the passenger train services. It operates three commuter rail services currently. The west coast express offers ten passenger transportation services on a daily basis between downtown Vancouver and its eastern suburbs. GO transit offers six return trips between Milton and downtown Toronto in a day. Fifty nine daily commuter trains operate on Canadian railway lines from Lucien L'Allier station to candiac, Rigaud and Blainville.

There is a sleeping, dining and parlor car department offered by the company. The company operates its own sleeping cars unlike other railway companies. This allows for a good control of the services they offer. They keep the revenue they collect. This department operated the news service which provided the news agents to passengers when travelling on trains. They sold refreshments and other goods to passengers who could not afford the expensive dining car meals. The news service operated lunch places at key points in small stations while large stations operate large dining services directly by the dining car department.

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The CNR radio service was introduced as part of the company's operations to give passengers the ability to have radio reception to keep them informed and entertained when travelling. This was done to give this company a competitive advantage over the other railway companies. This resulted in the creation of CNR network for radio stations across Canada.

The Canadian railway company has also invested in hotels. The hotels were given an umbrella name referred to as Canadian national hotels. The company built and maintained its own hotels. This was to provide the customers who were traveling places where they could sleep at night. The hotels were built luxuriously and attractively to fit the company's customer needs. These hotels advanced with time and became attractions to travelers sometimes who come just for holidays to those hotels. The hotels were also meant to boost the company's revenue collections not only from the people travelling by the trains but also from other people could be attracted to them (Pulfer 62).

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The privatization of the company in 1992 put more emphasis on increased productivity. This enabled the company to cut the overstuffed and unproductive management structure. Following privatization Canadian national railway company increased its gains notably in its stock price, which was majorly through aggressive network rationalization and purchase of more efficient, less fuel consuming locomotives.

The Canadian railway company intended to get as much revenue from its operations as possible. Therefore the company decided to start express and telegraph services which were profitable. Velocity, reliability, safety, and asset utilization are the core principles of the Canadian national railway company. The mentioned aspects drive the company's productivity gains.

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The Canadian national railways company ha collaborated with central Illinois in order to expand their market share get more profits and enhance the company's growth. The combination of the two is one of their operations strategies to create new revenue opening, efficiency and new channels for shareholder growth. The company has continually demonstrated a high level of innovation and commitment towards providing the best customer care services. This was aided by creating the fastest and most reliable trade corridor for shipping in the western coast.

The Canadian national railway company needs to improve on the security of its customers and goods. There have been recent insecurity cases for instance the blockage that was staged in august 2005. This cost the company over 700,000 of terry fuel (Morris 62).

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The company should aim at increasing the speed of its freight locomotives to save on time and increase on efficiency and revenue collection. The successes of the company show that it can do far much better in the coming years with better management and employees. The company should make sure that the management's relationship with the employees is unified for better growth and productivity.

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