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Decisions in Paradise

The world's business environs are characterized competition that demands that business firms to formulate strategies that provide competitive edge up for survival, growth and prosperity. Williams (2002) believes that strategic process matched with critical thinking is critical in the institution and identification of priorities on what necessitates to be attained by a business firm as result of deliberate consideration of alternatives and concentrating the whole company around an individual business game plan. Kava, an important island country is situated in the southern pacific with 50% of its whole population under the age of 12. BP is the business firm that I work for and thus Kava can be new areas that the company can create its new presence.

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The business scenario presented discloses a number of issues that present a countless number of hurdles to the strategic planning directed at establishing BP's bearing in Kava. Understanding the possible consequence of these effects will help in deciding the most beneficial approach to laying down BP's presence. First, Kava is faced with issues that center on high dependency degree because of its population structure. As described in the setting, 50 % of the all population is below the age of 12. This means that this group of people will have to depend more on the adults who may or may not be hired.

The various languages spoken in Kava has an implication to BP, has the organization needs to provide for this variety as it designs to supply it services to the citizenry of Kava.

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At the same time, Kava has an account of being struck by natural disasters such hurricanes, earthquakes, and tidal waves among others. These catastrophes are dangerous and their happening may lead to loss of lives of BPs workers, damages to business facilities or assets and even closure of business in Kava.

The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Kava has a consequence on the manpower supply of Kava as well as heightening dependability in cases where, adults may die due to HIV/AIDS infection. Thus BP will have to plan for evaluating this effect and thus reduce the effects of the epidemic in Kava. Kava's experiences threats from terrorism that may render BP's business insecure and thus may hinder the expansion of BP especially in areas struck by such threat. Terrorist attacks are destructive to business assets and peoples in Kava.

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Forces involved in the formulation of the problem

In the business setting, the shareholders that will be required in conceptualization of problems include agencies of the government, business enterprises like BP, faith-based groups, and other establishments located in Kava.

Organizational obstacles

BP's is challenged with need to enhance its human resources. Security measures in Kava are a possible hindrance and demand for improvements. The negative perceptual experience exemplified by workers like Alex necessitates to be addressed in the working surroundings.

Environmental obstacles

Kava goes through adverse weather conditions that often results to tragedies like oil spills, disasters like tidal waves and hurricanes can block BP's operations.

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The fear of terrorisms in Kava can be an obstruction to the establishment of BP's business sector in Kava. Acts of terrorism play a role in paralyzing business particularly in the vulnerable areas. With BP attempting to establish its front in Kava, it requires to deal with the challenge laid by various faiths and languages in Kava. Such an obstruction may handicap the affiliation of BP with some faith-based sets in Kava Quakes in Kava often poses heavy environmental risk in Kava as this can induce great hurt to facilities and infrastructure like roads and rails thus fixing a limit to the fundamental interaction and movement of services and goods from one level to another in Kava.

Application of critical thinking in decision-making process

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Pauker and Kreitzberg (2009), assert that "critical thinking in business is the ability to look at a situation, clearly understand it from multiple perspectives". Critical thinking reinforces strategic management as strategic plans gets carried out on the foundation of accurate understanding of inherent factors. Critical thinking communicates to a strategist on what steps to take concerning an issue. The use of critical thinking will help to invariably analyze the realities and their significance using data to understand evidence and pass judgments. First, data on obstacles need to be gathered and meetings should be convened among the shareholders in Kava where answers to the issues and obstructions will be invoked. These meeting will function to situate the matters and define them with accuracy and precision. The solutions should be examined for their rationality, accuracy, consistency and relevancy. Evidence should be employed to find out the significance on it use. Appropriate frameworks and able teams should be tasked with the execution of the solutions against a benchmark used for appraisal aims. Dahiya (1991) confirms that evidence and logic, appropriate alternatives will bring success in such implementations.

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Communicating within organizations and the shareholders need to established so as to promote clarity of goal as well as unity of purpose. Services of a consultant conversant with Kava's business environment need to be employed to provide more choices and alternatives that are not biased.

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