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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the freedom that an individual has to be able to express him/herself through speaking without being limited to what he/she should say. This freedom that one can have to express himself is in most cases used synonymously and it includes receiving acts, seeking acts, and the conveying of ideas and information without caring of the medium used to express oneself.

Freedom of speech in the United states of America is permitted as compared to other countries like China which does not allow freedom of speech. It is protected by the First Amendment of the constitution of the United States and the federal laws. This laws do not condone obscenity, defamation, fighting words, harassment, incitement to riots, and other manners which are termed by the law as being criminal activities.

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Every citizen has a right to express him/herself no matter which country he/she comes from. It is very unethical for one to be denied the freedom of speech although many countries still have not yet allowed it. This may be due to the many negative effects which are associated with this freedom. But with the government intervention, this freedom of speech is unlikely to be abused. People who abuse it can be convicted in a court of law like any other criminals.

The right to freedom of speech is also related to other rights like the right to a free and fair trial which are also permitted in the United States. In this right to a fair trial, the suspect is also allowed to the right of freedom of speech where he is allowed to express himself. This right should be governed by the laws of a country because if they are left with no boundaries, it will lead to people bullying and mistreating others or even lead to people committing crimes.

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The freedom of speech in the United states of America is not absolute and the right to it is that it is subject to limitations like the incitement to commit crimes, obscenity, slander or libel. Some people like to take advantage of situations and they don’t think about the other people. They only think it is their right to everything and they don’t even consider if other people have rights too. It is the duty of the government and the law to set up rules and regulations which include boundaries to freedom of speech. This will ensure that this right to express oneself is not misused by the opportunists and every citizen benefits from it.

I think there should be no boundaries to freedom of speech but the only thing is that social sites like twitter and the other sites should block the accounts of their users who abuse this right. This is because some people try to express themselves in social sites. Some are truly honest with their expressions. However, other individuals use the social sites to incite others to commit crimes like the organization of riots through this so called social sites. The social sites administrators should try to put borders and close all the accounts of the abusive persons and they should also be tried in a court of law for abusing the freedom of speech. This can be done through internet censorship.

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In conclusion, the limiting of free speech should be done with and permitted in many countries. Freedom of speech gives an individual self-confidence because through speaking one can be able to express him/herself and tell others what he/she feels. It sometimes helps in the expression of one’s emotions and feelings. When one is denied the freedom of speech, he is denied a very important aspect of a human being of living in a free world.

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