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New Orleans' Rich History of Mixing Races

In this article the author discusses about the aftermath of the Katrina disaster. It not only creates the downfall in economy, it also downgrades the population of blacks in New Orleans. This downfall in the population of blacks paves the way for the whites to dominate in the society. Many blacks are killed in this Katrina disaster. Many Mexicans came to the New Orleans to rebuild the city. But they were not left after the completion of the work also. This eventually increases anger among the blacks. The anger of blacks is spotted out by the author through the incident of robbery from Latinos done by the blacks.

The author also states that the Latinos are not that much rich enough to being robber by the blacks. The author tries to prove a point the New Orleans is a city where the culture is mixed and many races are staying there over two centuries. The author pulling some evidences also. Historically speaking the New Orleans is a colony subjected to the living of many races. It is also the colony of French and Spanish that has slavery culture. Spanish were the first people who introduced the slavery of the black peoples in the society.

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They enjoyed a greater liberalism for many centuries till the colony comes under the control of Americans. They imposed a black/white racial order; this order was put to practice to suppress mixture of races in the society. The author uses the views in the book called “The World That Made New Orleans” written by Ned Sublette.

The author concludes like black and white races are no longer predominant society in New Orleans and there would be a possibility that the Latinos play a crucial role in the mixed race that will surely stop the fights between black and white.

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