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Comparison between Two Prophets

Religion has been one of the main common topics in the world affecting people’s lives every day. The two common religions, Christianity and Muslim, have always had some differences and comparison in them. The way the two religions view most of the things in the society is different from each other. Two prophets are viewed differently and have similarity in certain situation in both religions. One of them is Jesus and the other is Abraham. They have been viewed in the two religions differently in some certain situation. In order to understand this clearly, the comparison of the Bible and the Koran would be done in relation to the two prophets.


            The Bible is the holy book that is used by the Christians while the Koran is the holy book that is used by the Muslims. In the Bible, Jesus is portrayed as a way of God communicating to the people in form of humanity. This means that Jesus was a human being who was sent by God to communicate to the people His messages. In comparison to the Koran, Jesus is also viewed as a human being. The difference in the two is that in the bible Jesus is viewed as the son of God who came to die for the sins of man. On the contrary, the Koran views Jesus as a prophet whom they refer to as Mohamed.

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            In the Koran, it says that God the Almighty did not have a son or he did not bore any son with any woman. They believe that Jesus was conceived through the normal way of sexual intercourse. On the other hand, the Bible views that Jesus is the son of God. They believe that the mother of Jesus Mary was conceived of the Holy Spirit where the Holy Spirit is a form of God communicating to the people. Additionally, the angles of the Lord have proved that Jesus is really the son of God. Moreover, in the bible the demons bowed to Jesus and proved that He was the Son of God .

            In the case of Prophet Abraham, the bible says that Abraham was visited by messengers and told that he was going to have a child at his old age. The son name was Isaac. This was fulfilled and Abraham had a son with his barren wife Sarah. Similarly, the Koran also said that Abraham was visited by messengers and told him that he will have a son with his barren wife, Sarah. Additionally, in the Bible, Abraham’s faith was tested when he was told to go and sacrifice his only son. As he was about to sacrifice his son, he was order to stop and his faith was proved strong. This is also similar to the Koran where Abraham wanted told to sacrifice his son only to be stopped as he is about to do it thus proving that his faith is strong. The only difference is that in the bible, Abraham’s son is referred to as Isaac while in the Koran Abraham’s son is referred to as Ishmael .

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            Religion is one of the main things that affect the characteristics of people in the world. However, the two most common religions convey some similarities and differences in them. One of the religions is Muslim and the other is Christianity. In them, two controversial prophets have difference and similarities between the two religions. Jesus and Abraham are viewed differently in the two religions. To do this the Koran and the Bible have been used. In the Bible Jesus is seen as the son of God in form of humanity. On the other hand, in the Koran, Jesus is referred to as Mohamed and he is not the son of God. In the case of Abraham, all the tales are similar about him in both the Koran and the Bible but the son of Abraham is referred to as Isaac in the bible while in the Koran he is referred to as Ishmael.

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