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Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant

Having a closer analysis of the comparison of Bryant and Jordan requires more than just subjective perceptions based on fan partiality and common assumptions. Most persistent fans would concur that Michael Jordan is the greater player. However, a number of the younger fans would choose Kobe over MJ. When taking complete analysis, its pretty crystal that MJ is the better basketball competitor, and probably the greatest of all-time.

It is true that Jordan globalized basketball throughout his career with his distinctive athleticism and graceful technique of play. Jordan has a dedicated sense of placing the ball in the loop by any style necessary as well as making the extremely improbable look simple. It should be acknowledged that Jordan played in the most excellent defensive period in NBA history, which is mostly due to the lack of compassion when calling fouls. Although Bryant has not fairly reached the matching point in his profession that Jordan has, it is still secure to compare the awards and honors each sportsmen has earned during their playing days. Whereas these achievements are not essentially everything, it is absolutely a significant part of information. It reported that Jordan has six NBA championships against Bryant's three. Jordan has been accorded MVP awards five times. Bryant has no MVPs to his title. Bryant got three scoring designations, but Jordan doubles that number with ten titles. Bryant has been recognized for his guard by being included to the all-defense players multiple times, however, Jordan has been designated best defensive competitor of the year, something Bryant has not done. Jordan completed a direct impact on the sport when he came to the league and was the NBA's draftee of 1984. Bryant urbanized his game after a pair of seasons prior to making any impact on the confederation.

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In respect to Kobe, in current years, he has achieved feats Jordan never did. There are two highly notable by enthusiasts. The initial is the 81-point performance Bryant did in one game. Jordan's closest was 69 points. The other notable achievement occurred in 2007 when Bryant scored 50 points in four subsequent games. During Jordan's illustrious profession, he did not reach this figure. Jordan scored at least 50 points in three subsequent games on numerous occasions. Bryant has those two arithmetical marks over Jordan but unluckily for him, there are not more he shines at over MJ. Michael averaged more points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals throughout his profession than Bryant has in his vocation (Brewer, 2007).

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Jordan's playoff statistics exceed Kobe's as too. Nobody has ever outscored MJ in the playoffs, bearing in mind his average for points for each game is higher compared with every other player in NBA olden times. In addition, Jordan possesses the record for the uppermost points per game mean in one playoff series also for the NBA Finals. In Bryant's three titles, he does not have NBA Finals MVPS owing to him, not even being the top player on his side at the time. Jordan won each single NBA Finals successions he played in. There is not a single time did he receive a rejection at the nick of time.


In conclusion, Jordan's latest spell in the NBA happened when he was forty years of age, abundance time after his prime. Throughout this time, it is debatable that Jordan had little support than Bryant has gotten this past year. Each team completed with a final standard season proof of 42-40. If MJ can pull out the similar amount of victories at the age of forty as Kobe can during his peak, Bryant's capability to get his team members involved should be acutely questioned. Owing to the facts, MJ is in deed a greater player compared to Kobe.

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