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Northern and the Italian Renaissances

The renaissance is an Italian word that means rebirth. It emerged from an old Greek and Roman civilization. It started from the fragmented city states in Italy.   Surprisingly, intellectual and cultural achievements of renaissance owed much too medieval world. This ensured gains in literature, political, philosophy and the historical thought. The northern renaissance is the renaissance happenings which occurred within Europe and outside Italy. This was because most of innovative art was found in France, Germany and Netherlands at this time and all the places in northern part of Italy.

Differences between the northern and the Italian renaissances

As observed, there were significant differences between Northern Renaissance and Italian renaissance. The north mostly held on to the Gothic or the “Middle Ages” architecture and art with a very tight and the grip that is longer than the Italy.  According to Lewis, the north had very few centers which were free unlike Italy which had few. As seen Italy had numerous republics and Duchies that gave rise to wealthy merchant classes which offered considerable funds on art unlike in the north whereby the only notable similarity between the northerners is relied on duchy of Burgundy. Additionally, renaissance artist in north took a very different move toward composition than the Italians artists did. The Italian artists opted to consider scientific ways and principles behind its composition i.e. anatomy during renaissance, the northern ones were more worried with what the art will look like.

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Lewis also noted that, the two have a common factor which was shared between Italy and the rest of Europe during Renaissance which was the Guild system. It arose in the middle ages and were the best paths being taken by a man to the learning of a craft maybe painting, making of saddles or even sculpture. Finally, one of the significant similarities shared between north and Italy was that they all had artistic center during 15th century in the Italy as several artists looked for the Florence republic for inspiration and innovation.

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