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Intercultural Personhood


The study is made to highlight differing identities as the core cause of most of international conflicts or disputes as presented in today’s media.  The essay will analyze intercultural personhood as the only constructive venue in fighting conflict resulting from differing identities.  It will view intercultural personhood as an important drive to human development.  Through this theoretical essay, the role of identity development process in acculturation and also deculturation will be illustrated (Shearer, 2003).


The study views differing identities as the major problem leading to most of conflicts both locally and global.  These differing identities have been expressed based on tribal’s, racial, and in terms of religion.  Through communication and transport systems, the variation in cultures, religions, nationalities, races and so called linguistic communities have come to an end.  The essay view human being as both complex and entity that is evolving therefore group identity should not be encouraged since it would hinder intercultural personhood which might result to international and national conflict.  Through intercultural personhood, individuals are viewed as belonging to one large group that comprise of other groups.  Culture identity is seen as a genetic term that can be interchanged with other commonly terms that can be used in both domestic and international contexts.  Intercultural identity refers to the culture identity that has been interchanged in order to cover all groups of people in a large whole group.  Through the theoretical essay, culture identity and common culture all refer to one thing whereby individuals in a group share common values, beliefs, and common origin meaning that there are no intercultural identities among the group (Shearer, 2003). 

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The pluralistic turn has been represented as a melting pot of many cultures in America where by the tradition of self-identity has been replaced by a group identity with intercultural identities.  Several researchers argued that cultural identity in United State of America is highly evidenced through the dominance of the western culture whereby dominance found in English language hinder non-western individuals the freedom of expression.  By so doing non-western people’s identities are distorted hence vulnerability to conflicts is increased.  There are two main problems that are said to hinder pluralistic that are the positive bias and the problem based on oversimplification.  Positive bias, in cultural identity is implicated as the unconditional moral imperative.  Oversimplification is highlighted as a component of cultural identity whereby an individual is said to belong to only one such particular group in a society just like the case with USA.  Communication has been considered as the key player in the process of intercultural identities since it offers individuals the opportunity to interact with each other.  Through communication people will exchange information and learn from each other hence enhancing intercultural identities.  Acculturation and deculturation are viewed as two processes that occur hand in hand and that might determine the process of intercultural identities in the global world.   As the world becomes more integrated, the process of increasing globalization is said to have an impact on interchange of cultures whereby the mass media is playing a major role.   The conflict between acculturation and deculturation has been viewed as being essential drive to a new culture that unifies all groups of people.  The use of electronic communication and rapid growth of globalization has lead to the interchange of cultures whereby intercultural identities are recognized or presented.  In conclusion the only possible way to fight both international and domestic conflicts is through embracing of intercultural identities whereby culture identities will be made dormant (Shearer, 2003). 

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