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The Griot in Relation to African Cinema

A lot of the Sembene Ousmmane cinemas as well as bookish exertions are a critique of the association among the colonized as well as the settlers, the government and her people, the wealthy and underprivileged in addition to the old and the immature which relates to griot in concept to cinemas in Africa. Hence his literature and movies convey matters involving anxieties that are mostly brought about by uneven power dealings. The griot worked as performer, oral storyteller as well as comedian of the society that's before written expressions were used as a common type of communication in West Africa.

As Senegal, one of the countries in West Africa wanted to set up an identity for their National, griots function increasingly became political. At this period of time, a lot of individuals proclaiming to be griots as well as artist come out. Idiom had an important role in griotic Sembenes project in that by using Wolof in addition to French in his plays i.e. la francophonie as a cultural edifice and linguistics. Hence, this hybrid stance inherently opens up a fresh realm of movie making and literary of francophone.

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Griot in West Africa is linked to myriad cultural caste while in Europe griot term is a Portuguese origin word "to call or cry." However griot has been associated and suited by French idioms to illustrate female and male narrators in that sequence. Whereas griot used to earn a living through narrations, his narratives would change in accordance to opinionated or societal schema of his supporters (Martin). The griot role is linked universally to that artist Renaissance force, in that his line of work and public standing, is to request support from affluent able men so as to follow his self creativity project.

Sembene as a writer in addition to cinematographer requires griots role to be read between the lines in Africans' contemporary. Examining griot role without the tools that were used to narrate the story, the word "tools" used to show mutually Sembenes media he uses to communicate his Senengelese ideas as well as verbal communication used at his artistic work. Traditional Griot also had a celebratory function that influence movie making in Africa.

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