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The New York Times Treatment of Women Writers

There is an article on September 7th, 2010 that is about the New York Times shameful treatment of women writers. Of course, being a lady, Ruth Franklin cannot help it but be defensive to her kind of species. Ruth should know that the women writers are giving their men counterparts a run for their money whether she writes about it or not. The article truly expresses the writer’s anger and pain of how the women writers are being treated but she should have been able to point out what the men have done in the field of writing that the women have not done, or the other way round, rather than point out that the women are being treated unfairly (Franklin, 2010).

I agree with her that the women might not have been given the full equal treatment as their male counterparts, but she should focus on the achievements the women writers have made, and leave those who still don’t want to appreciate them (Chris Jackson). Putting a lot of energy and time in trying to defend the women of which positions they should have or which respects they should be given is not all there is. Getting down to business and showing to the world what they can do will automatically make all the other demands fall in line e.g. respect, equal opportunities, honor etc.

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G.O.P. Allies Drive Ad Spending Disparity by Michael Luo

American politics take a different direction each time we wake up. There is always a story to tell between the democrats and the republicans. Michael Luo tried to tell us about the Republican spending in the article dated September 13th 2010. Luo should know that anybody may sometimes need the helping hand of the wealthy in the party but it does not necessarily mean that, that party is owned by that particular group. It is only wise enough for the republicans to buy some television time as early as now because eventually, most parties will end up doing the same (Luo, 2010).

The Republican Party is not a party of the wealthy and the whites, as it is indirectly put, but rather a party of the Americans, who simply plan and act when needed using a helping hand here and there.

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