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China's Political and Economic Status

The following debates were set to unfold the issue of China’s political and economic status, which now continues to be the central question discussed on the world stage. Four outstanding politicians Niall Ferguson, David Daokui Li, Henry Kissinger and Fareed Zakaria took the opportunity to present their opinions on this question.

Generally, it is obvious that China has developed drastically over the last forty years. However, whatever the current situation is, China has to face a lot of hardships and challenges regardless of the economic advancements. It has been a country which has borders with the states unable to “individually threaten” China. Therefore, it has never had the necessity to adjust itself to being surrounded by equal, strong and powerful countries that are capable of self-defense. Besides, as it was mentioned by Henry Kissinger, China definitely experienced economic growth, however, every year this country must prove it by ensuring millions of job placements, promoting the further urbanization of the cities and providing people with the opportunities to fit in that urban environment.

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Fareed Zakaria presented the same opinion. He is certain that China will not stand out as the world’s greatest economy of the 21st century. He insists on the importance of the three main reasons for this: economic, political, and geopolitical. Fareed Zakaria compares China with Japan. Japan was also considered one of the most dominant societies of the world, but it still had to come across a huge problem – “the demographic collapse.” The same fate waits for the Chinese nation, as the United Nations concluded about the “four hundred million loss of people” in the near future. Despite all the year-round investments, advancements of aviation industry and railroad industry, the country is to confront the population decrease. Thus, this fall will lead to further serious difficulties.

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On the contrary, Niall Ferguson believes that China may become one of the largest economies in the world. Irrespective of all the troubles that lie ahead of China, it still appears to be the “main manufacturer” and the most impressive automobile market. As well as David Daokui Li, Niall Ferguson emphasizes the new approach which the Chinese nation employs to be the most influential power. They are certain that education and new learning methodologies will give China the opportunity to use the international force from all over the world. The reason for this is the fact that in recent years China has experienced an enormous flow of foreign students who have the energy to develop, the desire to change their outlook and grow their capabilities. So among all the facilities at China’s disposal human resources are the most valuable. That is what really sets China apart; when the whole world is busy worrying about oil, coal and natural gas, it does not forget about developing its people and their skills.

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It is necessary to take into consideration all the visions that have been shared by those politicians and thinkers. On the one hand, China is a state the advancement of which is greatly noticeable. It is up to date with the innovative technologies, it launches successful companies and enterprises, and takes care of the nation, trying to provide all the necessary conditions. However, on the other hand, the above mentioned demographic crisis, which can already be felt in China, may lead to catastrophic consequences. China probably stands on the edge of a collapse, either demographic or cultural. Because of a huge flow of people coming to China, there is a possibility for the Chinese people to lose their cultural identity and indigenous habits. Asian countries are unique states. They display the culture that has no connections with any other one in the world. Instead of fostering and strengthening their native customs, they, under the influence of globalization and industrialization, put new values first. This will unquestionably result in the destruction of national beliefs and principles.

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However, it is paramount to remember about the importance of China as the main provider of job placements. Nowadays China not only promotes comprehensible salaries for workers, but also creates an environment for self-development and training, so people are immersed in the setting of a constant progress. Of course, this ensures producing sound, intelligent and self-directed employees. This, in its turn, aims at building a newly functioning thinking society.

China will go further than the USA has gone. Undeniably, it has still a long way to undertake. There are some problematic issues dealing with the military force and the country’s geopolitical standing. If China wants the 21st century to be theirs, it has to compete with serious opponents. Whatever direction China will choose, it is important to admit that this country is much more prosperous and successful than Europe or the USA. Even with the regard to all the factors influencing the current situation, either political, economic, cultural or demographic, China does not lose its balance in such a turbulent environment. China is trying to overcome all the issues that are standing in front of it and remains one of the most tolerant, respectful and dignified societies in the world. Unlike the European Union, which brought all the existing issues into the modern world– colonialism, fascism, imperialism, and usually solved its troubles by means of two World Wars, China has always managed everything peacefully and respectfully.

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