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Article 1 "Ripples? Yes. Waves? Maybe." By Jeff Sommer. The author Mr. Sommer highlights on how the instability of a country affects the other countries within its territorial boundaries and the further Diaspora of the country (Sommer, 2011). This is directly highlighted in the article by Sommer. In the article the author supports the negative effects of the Egypt conflict on international trade; this helps in creating awareness to the entire world of the negative impacts of the conflict in Egypt will have on the whole of the world.

The article has basically reflected on the disadvantages of the Egypt conflict to the international trade and at the same time it urged all the international leaders to take responsive measures in curbing the current situation in Egypt stating that the conflict will not only affect Egypt but will also have some negative repercussions to the entire world thus disrupting international trade and this will automatically result to increased cost of conducting business and ate the same time increasing the cost living in the world.

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In the article I believe that Mr. Sommer is demonstrating that Egypt is a very important country in the world and the increasing conflict in the country will not only affect the country, it will have negative affects on the other countries in the world; even though Egypt isn't a mass producer of oil in the world (Sommer, 2011). it is located in a strategic position in the Suez Canal where a lot of tunnels are constructed therefore the increased conflict will affects the normal flow of oil from one point to the other; thus exposing the world into negative problems as a result of scarce supply of oil in the world.

Article 2 "Crises in Japan Ripple across Global Economy" By Michael Powell, the author highlights on The Tsunami/ Earthquake that occurred in Japan in March 9 2011 (Powell, 2011). He further went to the extent of explaining the negative effects the earthquake to the world, as a lot of money will be used in rebuilding the country in the article the writer suggests that international trade be negatively affected from the Japan earthquake.

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Stating that the burden of rebuilding Japan will be felt by the other nations in the world; this is because Japan is a major contributor in the world market as an exporter of cars and electronic products to most parts of the world (Coe, 2007). Therefore the international trade will be affected negatively; this is because the country will basically concentrate on rebuilding its destroyed industries and not importing or exporting its raw or finished products thus reducing international trade.

The article as compared to the pervious article by Mr. Sommer is all highlighting on the causes of the decline of the international trade and how they affect the supply and demands oil products, the case of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant which was a supporter in the supply of energy in the Japanese industries is destroyed. This will result to the country to purchase a lot of oil that will ensure that the country is able to run its industries and from this the supply of oil will be on an increase. Thus making it expensive and thus making the cost of living to be on the rise this is as a result of the increased demand of the commodity (Powell, 2011). The article went to the point of asking other countries to chip in and help the restructure itself and get the country back to its feet as quick as possible.

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Article 3 Titled "U.S. Trade Deficit Narrowed In February As Both Imports And Exports Decreased" by Christine Hauser; in this article the writer provides data showing how United States of America was initially performing well in the international market till February 2011. When its influence and rates of import and export reduced drastically; according to the Census Bureau that indicating that trade gaps of the country decreased by $2.3 billion.

This is from 47 billion the previous month to $45.8 in the month of February (Hauser, 2011). In the article the writer is supporting the reduction of international trade; the writer further went to the point of breaking down the data that indicated the decrease on the imports in the month of February decreased by $3.6 billion to $210.9 billion while the export fell to $2.4 billion to $165.1billion, as a result of a decrease in the sell of vehicles and automobile parts.

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The article further went to the point of connecting with the two other articles that tended to indicate that the changing prices of oil are the main determinants of the negative affects on international trade (Hauser, 2011). From critical analysis of these different articles it has become apparently clear to me that international trade which is the main subjects in the articles is positively or negatively affected by the fluctuating prices of crude oil. In these articles the reporters have highlighted on the effects of the rising prices of crude oil to the international trade (Coe, 2007).

As Suggested by Sommer the conflict in one Egypt will have direct or indirect negative effects on the other countries in the world; while Powell's article suggested that natural disasters will negatively affect all the countries in the world not the affected country alone. It will also affect the circulation of crude oil thus resulting to the decrease in import and export of products between the countries due to an increase in expenditure.

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