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Keller and Disher Investment Firm

The main objectives of this presentation are to help you understand; the way the government will change in health care sector once our company is involved , the impact of government involvement in health care investment, potentials for health growth and opportunities.

Our company's involvement in the health sector will provide professional advice to the government to come up with structural reforms that will take health care measures closer to the people. Eric Sherman' report on New Yolk Times, 28th, March 2009 states that community health care system should be equipped to support the community. The government for a long time through Atlanta's state machinery has always responded effectively to disease and state of health. With the involvement of our firm in the process, the government will achieve double accomplishment to its goals. Dan Danner, the CEO of national independent business as reports Barnes and Thornburg in Talk and V.Walk, 2010 say that when firms are mandated to participate in health care improvement, they will benefit the community more as they will be trying to market themselves.

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The opportunities we need for our investment include; public hospitals where we have to offer consultancy to staff and patients on health issues, home health by the use of our trained health workers to do community disease control and preventive mechanisms, Physical group practical management services and rehabilitation services. Key Robinson, 2010, Atlanta technology Examiner argues that health care sector can only grow when technology is put into practice. This is a good idea that Keller Dishes should take as an investment opportunity. We should focus on winning security system management services in hospitals, supply and service of x-Ray machines, improvement in diagnostic equipments to include computer aided ones and many other technological fields. In homes we should provide simple tasters such as test tools for pregnancy. Electrical spray pumps for mosquito should also be supplied at community level.

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