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Adolescents Health Plan

It is arguably true that proper plans with lifelong learning strategies are paramount in ensuring a healthy population. Therefore, a quality health plan should encompass the best lifelong learning strategies in order to give the desired results. Adolescents are an indispensable and a unique group in a society; in any aspects, health being among them. In other words, they have exceptional needs when it comes to health issues. This paper presents a health plan that can be used to ensure long life learning in the adolescent with an aim of promoting health.

Since adolescents are a unique population within any community, they have unique health needs that can be traced to their unique behavior. Some of the most notable behavior can be noted in their eating habits and attention to their health (Neinstein, 2007). This means that entrenching a preventive strategy when educating the youth about their health is crucial. This will ensure that adolescents are educated properly about their role in safeguarding the future of their health. This will lead to a change in health behavior such as eating habits and irresponsible sexual behavior. The same strategy can be used in addressing the problem of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

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Although application of prevention strategies can be effective in educating the youth on health matters, it needs robust platforms to enhance the education. In this regard, taking such program directly to this group will be effective in disseminating information. In other words, there should be synergized effort from various stakeholders to push the message nearer the youth. Therefore, using institutions such as schools will be effective in availing prevention education. Visiting institutions such as schools has been proven effective in imparting lifelong education that promotes health in young people (Neinstein, 2007). In association to such visits, adolescents should be encouraged to undertake other precautionary measures concerning their health. Services such as screening for various illnesses should be encouraged. Such measures are most likely to inculcate the culture of seeking such services repeatedly. It becomes more successful if such actions become habits. This is because long-term effects in healthcare among the adolescents will be achieved. Such programs are called school-based programs. Apart from taking health information to adolescents in school, the same information should beadded into the curriculum so that the targeted group receives at least vital information that will help them to take care of their health in the future.

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It is worth noting that the social status plays a key role in health matters of the youth or adolescents. According to a survey in Connecticut in 2008, it was revealed that adolescents suffer some form of isolation from the society (Policy Studies Inc. (PSI), 2008). This locks them out of many healthcare education programs. As noted earlier, this group of people is unique because of their age, behavior and needs. The socially mistreated youths end up neglecting or assuming any matters that concern their health. This discrepancy can be used to derive a remarkably effective social strategy for adolescents as far as their health is concerned. For instance, there should be strategies that will fight off the social isolation by encouraging parents or guardians to monitor the behavior of their children. This will lead to a socially cohesive community thus facing off behaviors such as peer pressure. A socially cohesive community will enhance the flow of information thus helping in instilling the culture being consistent in health management of the adolescents. This is opposed to what happens in an antisocial group that is always fragmented thus poorly receptive to any healthcare issues. In addition, a sound society should be used to promote health information among the young adults.

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Health problems are of different natures. Therefore, it will be advantageous if health problems that affect adolescents more than other groups of the community are addressed. This will ensure that sufficient education about the specific issues is delivered resoundingly and thus creating a far-reaching influence on adolescents. This argument is supported by the fact that adolescence is a transition stage whereby young adults are exposed to many challenging or risky health related issues. Some of the issues that can be targeted are mental problems, Substance Abuse, Sexuality and Reproductive Health just to mention a few. These problems are known to affect adolescents more than any other group in most societies (Policy Studies Inc. (PSI), 2008). Therefore, sorting out the most common health issues affecting the groups and given specific attention will be of greater importance for long-term health implications.

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Adolescents are unusually sensitive to matter that concerns private health issues. According to a last year report to Congress, the quality of health care should be patient centered and sensitive to family issues (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). Therefore, developing a plan that observes such issues will encourage adolescents too in order to make them remain cognizant that their health holds their future. In other words, delivering quality services to this group will encourage them to visit healthcare facilities and at the same time gives health education a warm reception.

Efforts by the United States government to promote effective communication and well-coordinated healthcare services are instrumental in promoting lifelong education on health matters. This is particularly true especially among the youth. This is important for this plan because adolescents are extremely fragile to handle and may dismiss any efforts without proper reasons. Similarly, a coordinated system will ensure that all available services are availed to encourage safe medical practices among adolescents. This may lead to use of modern technology in attending to various illnesses. Otherwise, a free-style health system is likely to create a little or no impact to this group. In conclusion, it is evident that adolescent are a little bit more demanding when it comes to imparting lifelong health care practices. However, there are specific strategies that can be used to address this discrepancy ranging from taking education to them (school-based programs) and concentrating on specific issues that affect them. Such strategies among others as stipulated in this plan will work well with adolescents.

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